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Rumors on Gays

It is so fucking stupid whenever people make up rumors about people instead of actually getting to know them.  Especially rumors about gay people.

Never leave gays around small boys, for they will try to molest them.

This rumor I really dislike.  Some people believe that gays love cock so much, that we will even try to molest a kid to get our fix of man meat.  This rumor has led open gays from getting jobs such as baby sitters, teachers; and scout masters in a lot of places.  People want to protect their kids from getting molested, yet they target the wrong fucking people!  They have more to fear from their local Catholic priests and that coach that wants to keep Tommy for a few extra hours for "batting practice".  Fact: 95% of all reported child molestation cases were preformed by STRAIGHT men, with most of them being married!  However the remaining 5% isn't taking up by us gays, but by women.  That's right!  Ladies can molest too!

You can always spot a gay person because they act and/or dress effeminately.

This is also wrong.  Sure there are some gays that act and sound like an 80s valley girl, but there are also gays that act so normal that you wouldn't know they're gay unless they told you.  Hell the big hairy mountain of man meat some of you ladies drool over and have really nasty thoughts about could be plowing a young twink in his bed every night.  I know there are tons of gays in my hometown, but its kept on the DL because no one really needs to know their business.

All gays have an STD from fucking a lot.

Wrong!  There are some out there that have messed up and caught a bug from someone, but the likelihood of a gay person getting an STD is about the same as it is for a straight person getting an STD.  Hell some straights won't use a bathroom after a gay for fear of getting something, when the chances are just as remote as getting something from a straight person that used the bathroom.

Gays think about nothing but sex.

Hello!  We're MEN!  Straight men think about sex a lot too, ya know...  Why do you think women want to hang out with us gays a lot?  Its because we won't be drooling all over their boobs like a fat man in a buffet line!

Gays try to turn children gay, so they make bad parents.

Factoid: Gay children come from straight parents!  And we don't "turn" people gay.  They were already born that way!  Its all in the genes.

Gays never get serious about a relationship.

Please...  Most gay relationships last longer than straight marriages.  In fact 50% of all straight marriages end in divorce.  And they say WE ruin the sanctity of marriage...
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
i loled so much in the 1st on but u have good points and in studies they found that when woman are preggers and the fetus is male the womans body tries to feminize it so as the female body doesn't reject the baby so this is where they think gays come from and that female gays are male fetus just completely feminized but the brain stay some what male.. i think this is the more likely way it happens cos it is down to Genetics
8 years ago
I personally find it funny whenever the church says gays are a sin against nature.  If that be the case, then why is homosexuality found in nature?  If I'm not mistaken, the Bible says God created the animals before man.  So there for, homosexuality was already in the plans.  As for the "how gays are made" thing, scientists are not yet sure just how it happens.  Heck there is a study that says if a woman has more than one male child, it is likely that one of those male children will be gay.  Hell there is even a study that says homosexuals have middle fingers that are as long as their index fingers.
8 years ago
lol ive no idea what the church says i stopped going ther when i was old enough and haven't gone back ..middle fingers that are as long as their index fingers. that's just funny and i even checked lol mine are normal
8 years ago
You make an excellent point.
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