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911 Conspiracy Theories

911 Conspiracy Theories.
Am I missing anything?
I try to tell them about how (Loose Change) rips things (WAY) out of context.
Eye witness Mike Walter. They tore apart his report, to only just, "I Saw a missile."


Then there's the (Loose Change) claim, "Instead, they released five frames."
This one's a shorter clip, but there's up to, or over five minute clips out there.
I have the Hunter Thompson interview, from beginning to end. That was taken (WAY) out of context.
He neither said it was an inside job, with easy possibility of it coming from outside the country.
More or less, he gave an almost 50/50 view on it. The Bush administration did benefit, and no way in hell, would I argue that point. The US Government sickly abused the situation... I believe that 110%.
But they didn't do 911. Terrorists were here for a good easy four years before hand, they didn't just come here, then weeks later, do this.
They were here for a while. Theorists claim they weren't here for long, but if you study the evidence, it's easy to prove they were living here for a while. Much of what they needed for a successful attack, (Information Anyway), they could have more then easily obtained. And nearly none of the information they needed, for the attacks, was any secrete. The plans of the WTC. Public knowledge almost ever since 1973.
Makers of Loose Change Second Edition. They are pocketing every last penny.
I would give at least 30% to the victims.

What do others think, theorists need to shut up, and do some *Real* research, or what?

(Sorry for the type of subject, these kind of things really pisses me off though. And theorists are distorting the *Real* truth, doing quite a bit of harm. Here's one more Vid link, to the pilot who was flying the *Supposed Plane, that either shot a missile, or remote controlled a plane into the Pentagon.)

I am SICK and TIRED of this shit!
Please fellow furs, (And Females), spread this as much as possible.

FievelJ Kind huggles, in such a horrible subject.
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7 years, 9 months ago
Might be somewhat topical: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4H_E8b-qmo
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