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Kiss me Kill me~ch.1~

I opened my eyes scared to get the prince's death glare even worse the king's. Chaos I shouldn't have done that but saving a child's life is worth it. Right? Damn! My twin is the alast person I want to see at the time! Despite the fact that he is a bloody, soul sucking doll by the name of Tails Doll. "Tails now look what you've gotten yourself into." He straddled my hips. "Incest! Ever heard of it!" "That only works if were related and.... were not. He whispered in my ear. It's goin to be a long night.


I looked through my sister's drawing books. Intresting ill say even if I'm not allowed too Mwuhahahaha!! *click clack click clack* Shit! Here she comes. I lunged under her bed. *creak* "And it wont leave me alone cause these woinds wont seem to heal and this pain is just to real..."  I loved my sister's voice when she sang. So beautiful. I heard her sniffing around here room. My scent was pn her drawing books once she picks up that one scent. I'm toast. "Hmmm I dont remember leaving these here. *sniff* "Sonics scent that means.... that bastard! I hate people at what I draw *devilish smile* We'll just have to see about that now wont we....

Sonic~ Disclaimer Faker does not own any sonic characters we belong to Sega and Sonic team. Well at lest she owns about 20 other oc's
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
Please comment after readin chap 1!
Tails~ I got raped by a doll! How is that even possible damnit!
Technically a girl saved you before but thats a little father ahead. So bye my darlings
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