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Luna's Box of Suggestions (ATTN people who want to request)

As the requests are going to be closed for quite a while still, I was wondering how I could still draw what people wanted, and so, this suggestion thing came up.

What is a suggestion in this sense?
Think of it as a box which contain pieces of paper with ideas written on them.
Basically, they're kinda like requests, but not as absolute. It is not guarenteed I'll make the given suggestion, but it is much better than being guarenteed nothing at all, like the way it is now, right?
And so, I created this system to give people a chance to give them what they want to see, without me getting stressed.

So if you want to see something drawn by me, please write it down here as if it was a request.
Take your suggestion and shove it in Luna's box...

Here are some rules and guidelines I kindly suggest to follow to maximize the chance of your suggestion getting picked:

- It has to be a female Pokemorph.
- It has to be adult themed (i.e. "down there" has to be visible at least)
- Please try not to be TOO specific with poses and details and such.
- Please non of your own characters or refs. I like making my designs from scratch.
- Best chances and results are with things I'm interested in as well.
- There are some Pokemon I will not draw under any circumstance.
- Luna (Weavile) only goes solo, please.
- Please nothing that would make me feel uncomfortable. I would kindly suggest to please ask me what fetishes I am willing to draw and which ones not as much. Generally, the "mainstream" fetishes, for the lack of a better word, such as bondage and clothing (nurse, schoolgirl, etc.) are okay with me.

Aditional info:
- Please remember they're suggestions, NOT requests. I other words, I don't guarentee I'll make the pic. Furthermore, I may take as long as I desire.
- I will not "accept" suggestions by words. Meaning, I will not reply to your suggestion to inform you if I accept it or not.
- You may make as many suggestions as you like. If it won't fit in the char limit, you are allowed to make two posts in succession. If it's going to be even longer, please send a Note instead.
- Once a drawing is finished, I will notify you via a Shout. If you don't want me to, please tell so.
- The more neutral/simple your suggestion is, the likelier it will be made. However, there still aren't any guarentees.
- The pic will be uploaded to FA as well.
- The costs for a pic is as follows: everything's absolutely free! Well, it would be nice if you Faved the pic I made because of your suggestion, but that speaks for itself, I think ^.^

These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time without warning.
There may be some rules that have not been mentioned in the aforementioned text. Please be aware that there may be some additional rules.

Thank you ^.^
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
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