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Looking for Suggestions(PLZ read and Comment)

Hey guys. What do you know? a new journal that's not over half a year apart from the last one. Anyways, I'm posting this to see if you guys would like to help me in some of my art. Now, I am working on requests from both Here and FA along with a few original pieces I'm planning on finishing soon but I would be interested in what you guys might suggest for a few things.

One is the Summer with Andria series. It's a simple concepts, a series of pics of Andria(Oppai Loli version) during the summer with perhaps one or two cameos by a few friends. I have a few ideas myself like Andria in a japanese style school one piece, Andria and
's Catherine Goodlove in tiny string bikinis at the beach, and perhaps some simple stuff like Andria just sitting in her home in an ill-fitting tanktop trying to beat the heat. What would you guys like to see in this series? Please comment on this journal or PM me with your ideas. If perhaps you would be interested in liking to see your OC perhaps appear in the series, PM me and we'll talk.

The second relates to my OCs that get less attention like Brownie, Eva, Maggie, Marian, and Asmodaea. I'm not sure how many of my watchers on here are at all familiar with these characters but for those who are I wonder if you guys would like to see some written works from me like short slice of life stories about them, sort of a day in the life deal or perhaps a story about my various OCs in a single story. Would you guys be at all interested in that? Much like the suggestions for the Summer with Andria series, comment on this journal or PM me with your thoughts on this.
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