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Story Contest Contest Story! (closed)

[Nobody entered, and that was likely a good thing.]

You might win a short story written to your specifications. Even if you don't win, you get a dirty poem just for entering! Everyone wins!

Or, perhaps nobody even replies to this journal, and then I have a sad. :(

What the contest is
You write the first and last phrases of the tale, for me to fill in the middle!

As an example, a contest elsewhere on the web required stories to begin "The robot felt"... and end with "In the end, the robot felt nothing. It was not programmed to."

How to enter
1) Link to this contest on your own journal. In a comment to this journal, paste a link to your own journal post. (optional, but I'll give preference to any that do it).

2) In the same comment to this post, write your chosen first phrase, and last phrase for the tale. You may enter as many phrase-pair suggestions as you like.
Those two lines should really make a reader WANT to fill in what happens between them.

3) Optionally, explain what (and who!) you'd like to have or not-have in the tale. It's OK to do this bit through PMs! This may tip the balance in your favor: feel free to check out my profile to get an idea of what might appeal to my muse, but do set any constraints you like; location, characters, ages, activities, story arc... such limits give a framework upon which to hang the story, and give you a better result.

Prize (or prizes)
The stories and poems will be as filthy as your limits (and mine!) let me go.

The more responses I get, the more enthused I'll be, the more prizes there'll be, and the longer they'll be.

There's no closing date: I'll give out prizes as the contest goes along, possibly forever :) Are you stumbling upon this journal in 2023? Enter anyway!

Bonus poems!
As a bonus, I'll have a bash at making a scrap of doggerel based on each entry, too. So hopefully nobody leaves empty handed! For example, for that "The Robot Felt" contest, I might put:

"The robot felt some fist sized lumps, groping around for poo.
The girl cried out as metal hands clawed in her pussy, too.
In making bots to work with kids, perverted nursing crew
Had incorrectly coded in just what the bot should do,
So though it felt her out and in, and also through and through,
In th'end the robot felt no thing, it was not programmed to."

All of my work on this site is released to the public domain (or CC0) - you may do with it as you wish, including edit it, or sell it for money.

If you wish copyrighted characters or real people in your tale, I'll publicly release the tale with generic characters, but give you a private version with your chosen characters, to do with as you wish.
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