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Game idea

Here's a RPG Maker game idea I have. Pending the level of interest will decide whether or not I make it.

Game Idea
You live alone, in the middle of nowhere. You spend your days wandering, hunting, making things, and exploring a vast cave system in the mountains. (Spend a week or two learning how to survive and improve your skills) One day in the mountains you discover an abandoned lab full of equipment, books, candles, strange liquids, scorch marks here and there. While looking around you notice in the back a door. You go over and open it and find cages with strange skeletons in them. The skeletons look vaguely human. Except that some have wings, other fangs, and some even hooves. While your exploring the lab you notice a book lying open next to a scorch mark. You pick it up and look at it. It looks like a book on magic. You open to a random page and see a spell called "bestia ut humanus" (animal to human). It looks really simple. You just need a few things from the area and home. You collect them then return to the lab and mix them, they fume and you read the spell. You see a glow in the corner you run over and see a mouse transform into a small girl with mouse ears and a tail. In surprise you shout. She quickly squeaks and bolts for her hole only to crash into the wall stunning herself. You carefully pick her up and take her home and lay her down before returning for the book. You care for and befriend her for the next few days when you get the idea to use your skills and create a town up here in the mountains populated entirely by animals turned human. You add a small room onto your home for the mouse to live and begin you life making new world. (Spend time improving your skills to create better buildings, catch bigger smarter prey...etc)

Skills and Stat Ideas
Crafting (making things,
Hunting (finding prey,
Mining (resource gathering,
Construction (building,
Smelting (making metal and metal objects,
Exploring (discovering new areas,
Strength (attack power, how much stamina are involved in doing certain tasks
Speed (catching up to fast prey, moving, getting stuff done,
Intelligence (teaching animals how to live, come up with a better mouse trap,
Charm (befriending animals,
Magic (doing more complex spells, changing bigger animals, enchanting stuff,
Stamina (last longer in fights, go farther from home, how much work you can do,
Herb-lore (better with plant life,
Fishing (what kind of fish you can catch and how much stamina said fish takes out of you,
Cooking (what you can cook, how much stamina dishes take out of you,
Leadership (leading the town and having people listen,
Farming (what you can grow, how much stamina it takes out of you, how much you can grow,

Mice, Wolves, Bears, Hawks, Eagles, Snakes, Raccoon, Badgers, Skunks, Squirrels, Moles, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, Foxes, Deer/Elk, Boars, Cougars, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Goats, Cows, Horses, Frogs/Toads,

Future Ideas
Get powerful enough to open a vortex to bring in new monsters and creatures or summon other animals.
Have humans discover you town and have to fight them off or kidnap them.
Take over nearby human towns and enslave them. Rape humans on win, your furries get raped on loss.
Include insects and plants in transforming.

Music and sounds
Night, forest, storm sounds with a gentle music for forest
Dark moody music for caves.
Crafting sounds
Battle music and sounds.

Battle Ideas
When you win a fight get the option to turn the animal human if your magic is high enough.

 You will spend time improving your environment and making a town and getting it going. While going and collecting more animals and materials.
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