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Would anyone be interested in story commissions?

Partly because I want to write more. Mostly because my IB donation just ran out, and I had grown to like that little medallion by my portrait.

I'm thinking of starting out at 0.5c/word, so $5 would get you 1k words, or about 3 pages, or four times the length of this post.

I probably wouldn't want to accept a commission for less than 1k words ($5), nor commit to a comission of more than about 5k words ($25, 15 pages). Turnaround should be about one to two days per 1k words.

I'll write about ANYTHING, even sparkley ponies and vampires, but I suspect that I'll put the best work into things that I particularly enjoy:

- Cubs of any age or youth (I'll make versions with humans and with cubs, so i can post here and elsewhere).
- Emotional and mental headfuckery
- Abuse
- Full bellies (enemas, catheters, wombfuls of slugs...)
- Full holes (with cocks,
- More abuse
- Watersports
- Rape
- More abuse
- Scalds, stings, bruises, abrasions
- Force
- And maybe a bit of abuse, just for fun.
- Anything you'd consider "extreme", "exploitative" or "non-consensual".

Commissions would be released as all my work is, to the public domain - however, if you want your own characters in it, then I'd change the names and any other recognizable details of any of your characters that you wished, before releasing the story publicly.

I'd give only to you the version with your own names in, for you to do with as you wished, and for you to release under whatever license you like.
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