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Kitty Discussion: Is it...THE ONE?!

So I've seen the new Xbox Reveal and the system itself does look badass at the start.  Sadly it was bombarded by a bunch of EA and sports BS that I nearly fell asleep.  The only thing that made me had a ear twitch moment was Halo....but then I was told it's going to be a TV series.  I mean it might be cool.  But I don't have the "OMG I MUST WATCH!!!" feeling because Halo 4 felt absolutely limited.

Allow me to back track to the game a bit.  You have double XP to which you boost to max level by Spartan Ops matchmaking, you have limited "customization" to you spartan and the goals to get them are ridiculous.  It's like trying to get diamond camo for freaking CoD Black Ops 2 (getting gold for every weapon in the class)  Most people like me have a life.  Halo 3 and Reach you can easily get that you need, tweak it out and at least have effects to make it look cool and funny at times.

Getting back to the ONE.  Yes, the features, voice recognition, and commands are kick ass.  Plus the ability to do multiple things at once is awesome.  But that's all that I see that's cool.  CoD: Ghosts doesn't impress me just yet and Battlefield 4 just looks pretty.  I'm slowly starting to lose my luster for almost everything really.

Current CoDs hit markers aren't landing like Black Ops 1, Everyone using one touch death combos with cheezy characters in MvC3 when I really want to play with the characters I want to play with, Halo is getting boring with limited leveling and wonky customized parts.  It's slowly getting to be a futile attempt to play any games that are good anymore except the rare few.

But anyway, I don't know what the NextGen Consoles are going to evolve into.  Guess I'll find out by net chatter during E3. What are your thoughts about The ONE so far?

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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
I am not going to get it for a long time, probably until gen 9 is announced... the same for the PS4

The only one I am going to buy once I can afford it, is the Wii U.

if you are unaware of what is considered which gen:
5 years, 11 months ago
halo is meh to me. played it a bit. just like cod, i was bored really quick after the first level. that was 3. played 1 and same thing. online is the same like any other fps games, so i'm not missing out there. looks like fps are finally dying out and letting other games types finally shine again.
5 years, 11 months ago
No used games without paying a fee. Games are tied to a Live account. Developers allowed to develop "always-online" games, a la Sim City. Dude had the audacity to use the word "permission"--as in, after you pay a ridiculous amount of money for a game and then register it online you have our "permission" to play it... even if I could afford it, yeah, no thanks.
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