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Dear Furry Artists

I know I don't commission anyone as often as artists would like, but please use standard resolutions when making digital art.

I'm trying to find a 1920x1080 landscape image in my current collection that is suitable for my slate, but I have not found one.  Every fur I know has a Furry wallpaper on their home computer at least.  I use them on my phone and slate as well.  It serves as great advertisement when somebody asks "Who drew your background?"

Last I was there, Zeek had a wallpaper that he commissioned, but the image had to be stretched to fit the screen lowering the quality of the image, which was further diminished by the fact that the aspect ratio of the image was not standard, making the image squashed vertically and stretched horizontally.  This made the image less appealing and may have driven off potential commissioners even though the image itself was appealing.

Selling art in standard resolutions/aspect ratios is not a new concept, however, it hasn't been recognized for it's importance.  In 2004, I bought a couple of Bonk's art collection CDs which featured the wallpapers customized for different standard resolutions including ones for the PSP (unfortunately 1920x1080 was not common/available at that time).

Currently, 1920x1080 is the standard for desktops, but there other digital devices and posters.  Yes, posters: Omnifox and Firemane collaborate with artists to sell full size posters at the conventions they attend where they print them on demand, however, from what I understand all of the pics they accept for posters have to reflect a professional quality meaning high resolution and correct aspect ratio to fit the poster.

Let's say you are drawing comics.  Would your comic fit the dimensions of an actual comic book with readable size font?

It is still a bit early in the day, but if I recall correctly,
has made a few tools for SAI that find and maintain aspect ratios, but not being an artist, I forgot how they all work.

In the end, until I can commission more art, I can only sit here and say why it is a good idea, but I urge both artists and commissioners to push for standard resolutions and aspect ratios for the sake of reliable expansion of Furry art into more fields than just a pretty picture.

EDIT: I slightly derped - the standard resolution is 1920x1080 not 1900x1080.  This has been fixed above.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
^^ Thanks for the publicity mew! It is a bit early, yes. But I do have a lil tool for SAI that calculates aspect ratios for you. I haven't put it out yet because it's not quite finished. But it will put a little window over top of SAI's "create new file" window and the "change canvas size" window. It's going to include an menu button at the top of sai for access to other things like rescanning the brushes folder or making a new brush.
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