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Should I upgrade my phone?

I'm like super derp about all these new phones that have been coming out. I currently have one of the first-gen androids- the LG Optimus T. While it suits my very basic needs, it has bad reception (I don't know if its just due to the reception I get in my house or if its the phones fault). It also is kinda laggy and the touch screen isn't as sensitive as those newer androids. My constant use of Skype makes me want to get a new phone cuz it freezes and is super lags on my phone. Though I don't know if I really need all those extra features those new phones come with. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Galaxy S4- I guess that just came out not too long ago X3;

 I'm just trying to think if its really worth spending all dat cash on a new phone or if what I have is enough and I'm just paying for extra gimmicks! If you were in my shoes what would you do? X3 How useful do you think all those fancy apps and air-wavey stuff is?
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
The system is more important than the device.
6 years ago
I'd buy someone's older, unlocked S3.
6 years ago
What does unlocked mean?
6 years ago
It means it can be used on any carrier, possibly even worldwide.
6 years ago
The S4 is just a S3 with a bigger screen, some cpu changes, and special add-ons that will come to the S3 soon. I would just get an S3 unless you need the bigger screen and you have the cash to spare.
6 years ago
I was in your shoes.  :D  I just went for a decent cheap phone.  Under Verizon I was able to upgrade, went on to Amazon's Wireless Market and got a replacement phone for a penny.  Droid Incredible 4G LTE.  I haven't tried it with Skype but it's pretty snappy on its own.  Does not have the latest and greatest version of Android but I'm not too interested in that.  

Honestly, good phone, cheap price, I have no need for fluff.  Though the battery isn't great.  You may want to spend more than a penny.  xD  But unless you need or want those extra features it's not necessary.  Most phones are much snappier and better to work with than older models.
6 years ago
I find the cost of upgrading super-prohibitive unless I'm about to switch contracts; that said, last time I switched providers I got a Galaxy Note II, and it was the best decision I ever made.  Best phone in the world at the moment, bar none.  It will do everything you want and more with zero lag.  I want this phone to raise children with me, because it is the best thing yet made by man.

But that's just my opinion.
6 years ago
It's just a matter of finding a balance between a good phone, and a phone that isn't too expensive.  Going the S4 route may be like buying a Bentley when all you need is a pickup truck.  <giggles>  Hop on Amazon and start looking at phones your provider carries, read through the reviews, see what people are using them for, and what they think of 'em.  Consumer Reports can also be a wealth of information, but don't use it as your only source.

Ultimately, go into your provider's retail locations and just spend some time playing around with the phones; find something you're comfortable with.  You're more than likely going to end up with -some- features you don't use, but who's to say you won't end up using them?  :-)
6 years ago
I'm a really cheap guy.  I got my Android phone for free with my phone service, it was "outdated" when I got it (runs Android 2.2, got it a year ago), and I'm unlikely to get another before I can get it for free, which'll be another 3 years or so.  Because I'm cheap.
6 years ago
If all you want is great reception, a phone with fewer features is probably the way to go. Phones that connect to various data networks and the like have to have antenna's less tuned to the frequencies used to make voice calls.
6 years ago
Marketing types hate me, since I'm so much of an edge case. ]:-)

I'm still using a cell phone that I got back in 2004. It does what I need it to do.
A guy I worked with gave me another phone of the same make, model, and vintage (but with a lot less mileage) so if my original ever finally gives up, I have a backup.

I don't need the phone itself to be the web appliance; I'd prefer to use it as a modem for a laptop. 3G 'net connection would be nice but I don't need that as much; if the service contract is priced right (i.e. free or really cheap) I could put up with 1G!
6 years ago
If I was in you're shoes I wouldn't get something brand new.  It might not hurt to upgrade but you can get everything you want with an older model.  Really the Galaxy S3 and S4 are all about unnecessary gimmicks and I doubt you'd get enough use out of those gimmicks to justify the cost to yourself.
6 years ago
might be an idea to look at contract phones
6 years ago
Nokia Lumia! <3
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