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Kitty Update: Losing it a bit.

I guess this is one of those downer journals that I'm not suppose to put up.  But with the recent events, I just don't care about "OMG" reactions.

The nonsense happened during my first job.  Of course there were two shifts.  Mine being the morning and the other night.  As Ride Attendants we also cover certain rides to ensure that the guests are having a good time. But there are two attractions that we have to be the most alert on.  The climbing wall and the ropes course.  If we tend to slack off when it comes harnessing, the result can be drastic if not fatal.

For those that follow
's journals, you can probably recall the first near death incident that he discovered and corrected.  Unfortunately, this one is even worse as the father discovered the flaw before any of the three attendants did.  The crazy part was that the father-son duo made it across the second floor and walked up to the third before hand.  Here's what happened.  Like every other ropes course you have the guest that is harnessed and the metal track that guides them along.  The only thing that can secure the person safely is an adjustable rope and puck.  One end is a rope loop and the other is the puck that connects to the track.

Once the harness is on, the ride attendant has to put the loop end through two silver rings in the front, put the puck end through the loop, and tighten to make sure that the rope will secure them should they slip off by accident.  I have absolutely no idea how, but whoever was roping them has only put the loop end through the rings and hooked the puck into the track.  That being read in bold, that means that should that person fall, that loop alone will not hold those rings and will plummet into the ground.  In this scenario, the child could have hit the metal beam between the levels, possibly snag on the lover rope obstacles, THEN hit the ground.

Luckily that didn't happen.  Now at that point, after the near death experience and alerting the supervisors of what a half ass job those three have done, you would think that the higher-ups will question those responsible and quite possibly fire/suspend them.  And that's what they did.  What happens the following day would pissed the both of us off.  We were told about the events that occurred but for some reason, we were being treated as if WE were the ones that has caused the problem.  As if all of first shift was to blame as well.  Like WE were that lazy, bored, or uncaring to half-ass secure the child which could have led to his death.

The day after was the absolute worse.  Now we need to have permission from the supervisors if we can go to the washroom if there is another attendant with them.  Someone has already gotten a write up for leaving a new person by his/herself and going to the bathroom for fifteen minutes.  What they didn't know is that the person that went to the bathroom has a bowel disease that if the person has to go, they have to go!  And what is the attraction that caused the huge ruckus?  LAZER TAG!  One of the most simple and absolute safe places to play in unless the guest starts a fight for no reason.  If you can put on a jacket, you can put on a lazer tag vest.  If you can move your arm and twiddle you fingers, you can move the mouse and click on the start button to start the game.  If you can change a channel on a TV remote, you can use the one button remote to activate the vest so that guests can play.  Even a freshman in high school can do that.  Yet the person in the dire need to use the bathroom gets punished for leaving the new person behind.  

The second that happened is that one of our cool co-workers from second shift was instantly fired that very night of the ropes course incident because he need a smoke break to relax from the guests that were getting to him.  Third was the fact during the following day that one of the people responsible of that incident played it off like it was a laughing matter.  "Hehe, man we were just treated like scumbags after that." he said with a smile.  This isn't a laughing matter nimrod!  Not to mention that it was your own damn fault for not realizing the shitty half-assed job that you didn't catch.

Before I explained the fourth situation.  Please bare in mind that those with common sense and patience will assess the situation and rule in the certain possibilities that have led to this near dreadful incident.  That being said, me and Blaze did exactly that.  Blaze even went ans asked around to find out what exactly happened.  On that second day, he said "I've heard from second shift that it's possible that they've let on more than five guests inside.  The father probably roped his child up and hooked themselves onto the track."  The supervisor suddenly asked "Why would you let more than five people go inside?"  I damn near shouted "WE didn't put more than five people in!?"

That's when I knew that something was terribly wrong with the higher-ups.  They've looked up to us.  Praised us for being the two most hardest workers in the theme park and actually caring for not only the guest's safety, but to ensure them an awesome time at the attractions we work at.  We even accepted their time of need for special events that require us to start work at a couple of hours early in the morning when no one else could.  And we walk to work while everyone else can easily drive there.  And now because of one major and careless flaw that someone else made during a totally different shift, we're going to be treated like low level trash?

You know...there's a saying.  "Never bite the hand that feeds you."  I have my own saying.  "Don't ever give them a reason to bite you." And that is exactly what they did.  Now I'm worried about the possibility of us going to The Gathering or even MFF is this shit keeps happening.  I hope that these two days off will calm those idiots down.  But I seriously doubt that.  Hence the title for this post.  I'm still trying to calm myself down and trying my best not to think about the arrogance and stupidity that has plagued the supervisors and managers that we have proven our loyalty to our jobs towards.

*Here's hoping that I can do so today*

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