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Help Teahound Raise Testosterone Money, Get A Comic!

Alright, so I made a journal about this a bit ago, but I am going to be doing a comic - uploaded free, funded by your donations. Please read the journal in full as it'll answer any questions you have.

Cast of Characters


Species: Husky
Sex/Gender: Female, Genderfluid
Preferred Role: Dominant
Personality: Flirty, outgoing, very much a tease who always follows through.

Species: Corgi
Sex/Gender: Male, Cis
Preferred Role: Switch
Personality: Shy and reserved a good portion of the time, but quite easy to get flustered and riled up. Prefers to bottom, but enjoys switching for the right person.

Voting on A Theme
So what I need from you guys is a vote. The potential themes for the comic are as follows. (All will end in porn, of course!)
1.  Club/Rave
2. College Party
3. High School Prom Shenanigans
4. Teacher/Student
5. Other

So vote below! If you repost this you'll get two votes, and if you donate you'll get three!

So Why Donate?
Long story short, I finally have the opportunity to begin my transition, and want to take it. We found a clinic for me to get my bloodwork and testosterone prescription through, and I've been with my psychiatrist and therapist long enough to get letters for all this.  Problem is, each letter costs $25, and the appointment with the endocrinologist is $150. The appointment with my therapist that she requires first is $40, and the testosterone itself is $80/month.

So total costs: $350-$400

In addition to this, my fiance just started testosterone, and one thing we've noticed is a skyrocketing appetite. So with both of us generally only having 1-2 meals a day, this can't work anymore. We're both going to be a lot hungrier, and I want to get us some grocery funds we can have in reserve.

Donation Incentives
If you donate $1-20, you'll get a heartfelt thank you and a shoutout in my comic submissions, and a hi-res copy emailed to you when it's complete. You'll also (if you want) be added to a mailing list alerting you of comic updates, and commission openings.
If you donate $21-50, you'll get a background cameo in the comic somewhere, along with the above.
If you happen to donate over $50, I'll do you up a custom comic page with one of the stars of this comic, doing whatever you like.

In Closing
To be frank, I really need this. My art output has slowed because of anxiety, depression, and severe dysphoria. Despite having nice accepting coworkers at my current job, I still get misgendered by customers daily, even regulars, as well as literally everyone I talk to who doesn't know me. (Seriously, think about how often in a day you hear 'ma'am' or 'sir'.) I have been screamed at, called a liar, and physically threatened for not 'looking' like the gender I identify as, even by family. This comic is a way to help me get what I need to really be able to increase my output, improve, and not overload myself with commissions in the process.

If you want to donate, my Paypal is teahound@hotmail.com - just leave your FA username in the description and Yes or No indicating if you want to be on my emailing list.

Thank you all so much.
<3 - Sol
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