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Rage quiting- and you. -Rant-

"Baw, the internet is being mean I'm going to rage quit!"

It sadden's me that there are so many of you weak willed pussies on the net. I blame the soccer mom's and the "not my child" babying over the last 20 or so years.

Today's world is full of nut less wonders who are afraid of a little trolling. If you are one then you should be ashamed of yourself and learn to grow a spine. Maybe this will help.

The world is a cruel and evil place well before we got the internet. nothing fluffy and happy about it, really it sucks. people die, children starve and somehow you think what some fuck up on the internet is the worst thing? Really? How dare you you smug bastards. just because some kid is being a tool about what you like, what you do or what you think doesn't mean they are right. Whoever takes that crap seriously is probably thinking that the person is right and must violently defend themselves... Grow up.

The fact that you are affected by trolls shows how weak you really are personally and is a sign you need to get over yourself. Why? because if you blow up and crash over such childish and immature things like the internet I imagine you have little friends in real life and cant hold a job more than a few weeks before flipping out on your boss or braking down and crying for days.

The world is full of trolls and they are there to inflate their own ego's and by rage quiting, you satisfy that lust of theirs.

Do you want to be that? Do you want to be the drug or are you going to fight it?

I look forward to your hate mail saying how I'm mean and hateful... and I look forward to you rage quiting you weak will pussy. Go cry to your mother fag.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
trolling I will admit is a inevitable fate for the internet and it does not feel to good when it happens, but it is like bullying in real life, it cannot be helped, there are people who feel good making others feel bad.

it all goes into the old concept of shadenfeude, some just like others pain. <=2

and I shall not cry to my mother, because I do not have a plane ticket to see her in liverpool XD
7 years, 9 months ago

Well, I guess I'm guilty of being a fag, if that's something to be guilty over (I think not). And my mom's been dead for almost 10 years, so I probably won't go cry to her.

Strangely, I understand what you call "rage quitting" -- a good term, actually. It may not be a good thing to do, in the long term, but I understand it. There are times when things become too much to handle. That's why one of my heroes is John Forbes Nash. Ever see the film A Beautiful Mind? I'm nowhere near that brilliant, and I'm not quite as severely affected, but I too have a brain that doesn't function "normally," and I can't take drugs for it, both because it destroys what creativity and intelligence I do have, and because I can't afford health care in this backward-ass cesspit of an allegedly civilized country.

So I understand "rage quitting." And I have to stop myself frequently from doing it. And it costs me in ways that I can't even keep track of anymore -- hypertension, diabetes, migraines, asthma, overeating... yeah, IRL, I'm a pretty sick fukkin' mess.

Interestingly, though, your own rage -- or, at the least, frustration over this issue -- makes a good point. "Rage quitting" is turning the anger inward, throwing up your hands in defeat and desperation, and hoping that someone is going to hear you crying and come running to your rescue. And oh freakin' hell YEAH, I've done that more than once. And as the pedophilic sociopath Dr. Phil might say, "How's that working for ya?"

Your approach, described at least once as "growing up," is to turn the rage outward. Use it as a tool to focus your energy and make something happen for yourself. I know that you're not suggesting using the rage to revenge or counter-attack, because you know as well as I that trolls live for the flame, and they get stronger if you flame them back. It's not a game that anyone approaching sane can win. The rage must be turned from a flame against others into a laser beam that guides you, keeps you on track, makes you dead-centered on your goals. Then you triumph in spite of the flamers. Then you win.

I keep hoping that some parts of the world really are nicer than what you've described; I find more exceptions to my wishes than I do confirmations, but I keep hoping. I guess I want Leo Buscaglia to be right after all. I will say that, sometimes, it's a good idea to quit something that no longer serves you. Just be sure that the idea is yours, and not someone else's.

Sometimes, I really am a weak-willed pussy. And sometimes, yelling at someone really does break them, instead of making them mad enough to fight back. So be careful with your rage. It can be meant to heal, but it can also hurt ... just like the assholes you're railing against. Remember your readings in Nietzsche: "He who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself." I think you know the difference.
7 years, 9 months ago
Indeed. the point I'm making is people are too sensitive and need to grow up a little bit. so what some one talks bad about your art work, so what they call you names. in most cases it's a sign they need to talk to someone but don't have the guts to do so. like the bully on the Simpson's. His parent's don't care about him so he turns their lack of attention outward to the other kids. about the only one he "talks" to is Bart because bat will listen. Well most of your trolls are the same. instead of attacking them back, unless you know them and know it's a game, ask them how they're doing, try to brake them mentally a good troll can be taken out with an "It's ok I forgive you" or "do you need to talk?"

the proper response is either just saying you'll be back you just need to take a brake, or there are other things in your life that you have to take care of. It's pretty simple you get to rage quit they don't get the satisfaction of doing it and you don't piss off the people who are fallowing you.

As for the hope thing I lost that view years ago. I had it 5 or6 years ago until I ended up on the streets of Seattle and watched a small girl die of starvation because her parents were forced being forced apart by the shelters and chose to stay on the streets, burying my grandma, Gg and my little sister in the same year. Then my father almost dieing trying to keep the house running and help my mother with her cancer. he was denied disability twice now even though he's been qualified since 2006. Oh and my mother now has reoccurring stage 4 colon cancer in her liver. That's all in the last 3years... all leading to my early balding and heavy drinking issues.

"Growing up" is less of an age thing and more of a maturity thing. having a bit of apathy helps the whole "well fuck'm" thing works so well.
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