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Help on finding some artists.

Well next month on the 25th will be my birthday and I decided I will be spending money on myself since I am unlikely to see much in the way of real life pressys.  I don't mind but I think it's high time I really spent some time developing Catprowler's picture.   I really only have the one commission from Kainus666 and a second one which is the con badge Domafox made for me.

So I want to find some artist who would be willing to help me out by creating a piece of art and yes I will pay.  I will have a bit to spend by the end of the month and some next month as well as long as nothing falls apart between here and there.

So I need a few artists and I prefer those whom are not bogged down just those who can work out a piece sometime in June.  Anyone who can refer or willing to accept can note here or pm.

I have no reference sheet.  So maybe I can get one.  I do however have some idea what I want and it is sort of  in the middle of both.    

When I describe myself let it be known I am a squirrel.  The body color is a rich tan being along the lines of a cooked pizza.... You all see the commercials where the crust is golden brown, NO cook it more a nice deep tan but not brown.  I have no clue what the color is called if anyone can tell me great!  Cat's chest from privates to high neck is yellow.  There is a golden band of color separating the two from side to under chin and back down.  Around the sheath it sorta just blends in no gold.  Paws are white with gold circles at wrists and ankles.  Ears I prefer to be ruffled at top or even better slight fur tufts at the tips with inside fur being white again.  The tail is open I really haven't said or decided much on that point except that it should be big and bushy right?  The only other feature I have decided on is the back side where a wide 'V' shaped mark of darker fur runs from shoulders to just above mid back that color would be more to the brown side.  

I would prefer a softer version from Kainus' picture a little more toon if you will while Domafox's looks a bit to well buff I think.  Both are great starting points and have helped me decide more of what I want which may still change/evolve.  

So June is my month and I am hoping for maybe about 10 pictures or less and spending no more than $200.  You can do the math.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't spend more but I would expect serious art if people want serious money but that is of course flexible in every aspect.  I would be happy to spend money if someone were to nail my sona to a picture that I loved.

Feel free to tell others I could use some advice especially if you understand what I am looking for and know and artist that would fill my wish.  There are a few I have asked or expressed interest in commissioning and yes I want your art.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
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