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Comic Review Schedule Update

So...  For lack of any thing much to say about my life or my work...  Here's some stuff I'll be reviewing over the next few weeks in my Livestream along with a short description of what I'll be covering.  Hope you guys will like what I have planned, and be sure to tune in and hear me rant or rave about these issues!!!

1. Sonic: Endgame (47-50 Director's Cut): The most epic Sonic storyline of all time, this was the moment that defined the rest of the series.  An epic battle where not every main character survives!!!

2. Iron Nicole Saga:  The Iron Queen has taken over New Mobotropolis, and its most powerful defender, Nicole, has fallen under her magical spell!!!

3. Sonic 178-9, House of Cards:  The story no one thought would ever happen...  Sonic fights Tails in a brawl to the end... with no mind control involved.  Also, witness the mind-rending stupidity of Tails' parents!

4. Gold Digger: Oblivion: One of my favorite storylines EVER from Gold Digger...  The evil Lich King has kidnapped Britanny Diggers and her newborn daughter Tiffany and taken them to the realm of Oblivion.  Can Britanny save her daughter from one of the most evil menaces she's ever faced... alone?

5. Gold Digger: Dark Home:  Another one of my favorite plotlines, featuring the supporting cast.  While Britanny is trapped in Oblivion, her parents arrange a rescue party of the biggest and best bada**es in the Gold Digger universe and charge the homebase of the enemy behind her capture, Gothwrain the Wererat.  Can they bring Brit and Tiffany home?

6: Sonic: 174-177, the Destruction of Knothole:  One of the best plots in Sonic's history.  Bunnie and Antoine get married, but can't enjoy their nuptuals, as Robotnik unleashes his most devastating attack ever!!!  Sonic is defeated for the first time!!!

7. Sonic Universe 25-28, the Dark Mobius/Prelate Saga...  See Silver and Lara-su--.... Er... Jani-Ca try to survive in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe, where Enerjak rules and everyone on the planet is dead... or worse...

8. Sonic in Space: ....To be honest, I was a lil' reluctant to review this one, but ChaosCroc REALLY wants it.  After the events of Sonic 124-125, Sonic is flung across the galaxy and has to find his way home to Mobius.  Enjoy his exceedingly bland and boring adventures.

9.  Sonic: Home : AFTER his travels through space, Sonic returns to Mobius to find that a year has passed and the world has changed beyond recognition.  With no time to rest, Sonic has to face the biggest attack from Robotnik yet!!!

10.  Sonic: The ADAM Saga.  Robotnik's "son," a sentient computer virus named ADAM begins a massive plan to impress his father... by killing Sonic and his friends once and for all.

And that's it for now.  Been looking forward to reviewing some of these!  I hope you'll all tune in and enjoy listening to me talk about my favorite comics! ^_^
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