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101 questions about me xD. if you care
1. Had sex? yes
2. Bought Condoms? yes
3. Gotten somebody Pregnant? yes (miscarrige)
4. Failed A Class? no
5. Kissed A Boy? yeap oh wait, do the lips count, well, maybe not then
6. Kissed A Girl? yeap heh ^^^
7. Used A Little Paper Bag for Lunch? yea lol
8. Had A Job? a few now currently working @ hospital
9. Slipped On Ice? yeap
10. Missed The School Bus? a few times one of them ended up skipping school and such
11. Fucked a girl? umm, yes,
12. Bullied Someone On The Internet? once
13. Sexted? no actually lol
14. Sex In Public? yeah lol was out camping, at a family reunion, and well, things one night got a bit far with a cousin
15. Played On A Sports Team? Football (USA) and Gymnastics and Drill
16. Smoked Weed? no
17. Smoked Cigarettes? no
18. Smoked A Cigar?no
19. Drank Alcohol? yeap
20. Watched porn? yeap
21. Skipped class? a few times
22. Gotten Arrested? nope
23. Done meth? hell no
24. Been To A Wedding? yeah
25. Fell in love with a best friend? oh god did i ever, turned out okay, ill never forget them
26. Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight? am right now
27. Watched TV For 5 Hours Straight?  lol yea
28. Been Late For Work? Well, work wont start without me, so a few times lol
29. Been Late For School? once or twice
30. Kissed In The Rain? no, but i think i would like to try
31. Showered With Someone Else? a few times
32. Failed My Drivers Test? nope
33. Cheated on a ex? (hmm, multiple answer to this, is it cheating if they was there too)
34. Been Outside My Home Country? twice
35. Been On A Road Trip Longer Than 5 Hours? oh yea
36. Had Lice? nope
37. Gotten My Heart Broken? and never recovered
38. Had A Credit Card? a few
39. Been To A Professional Sports Game? a few
40. Broken A Bone? toes a finger, and uh, cracked a kneecap
41. Am I BI/Gay/Lesbian? dunno fer sure, if it has 2 legs and a hole, ive been with it. lets go with, Trisexual, (im willing to try anything at least once)
42. Won A Trophy? a few
43. Cut Myself Unintentionally? heh, damn onions
44. Had An STD.? no
45. Got Engaged? yes
46. Done ecstasy? no
47. Tried Out To Be On A TV Show? does the local new count
48. Rode In A Taxi? a few times
49. Been To Prom? some of the worst nights of my life
50. Played A Drinking Game? once
51. Stayed Up For 24 Hours Or More? oh the collage years
52. Been To A Concert? no, sadly, had a few tickets but ended up giving them to my sissy
53. Had A Three-Some? heh, yea, remember that cousin at the family reunion, well, she was sharing her tent wtih another cousin
54. Had A Crush On Someone Of The Same Sex? heh, yea, actually,
55. Been In A Car Accident? a few (god damn i hate icy hills in winter)
56. Had Braces? no
57. Learned Another Language? Russian Spannish and a bit of Latin(medical Terminology)  
58. Killed An Animal? yea, sadly, ive been hunting a few times, 2 deer 1 elk, and a bear
59. Been At A Yard Sale? heh, found some of my most favorite video games at them
60. Been To A Japanese Steakhouse? twice, and once was in japan
61. Wore Make Up? heh, yea, umm, dont ask kay.
62. Talked To Someone? of course
63. Lost My Virginity Before I Was 16? well there is 2 answers to this, (if non-Con, being molested counts, its 5, if that dont count its 11)
64. Had My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out? yes
65. Kissed Someone A Different Race Than Myself? Does a person with Albanisim count (even if not, the answer is yes)
66. Snuck Out Of The House? heh, a few times
67. Bought Porn? umm, comission artworks
68. Had A Virus On My Computer?  heh, a few times
69. Had Oral Sex? yes, sadly, there hasnt been one person to actually give me one of my deepest desires yet, i want somone to actually let me cum in their mouth. its always ended up in a different hole.
70. Dyed My Hair? no
71. Gone Skinny Dipping? heh yea,
72. Graduated From College? Post Med (currently in Fellowship program for Pediatric Specialist)
73. Wore Someone Else’s Clothes?  (heh, yea, i stole my little sisters once)
74. Voted In A Presidential Election? hell yes (i am anti obama, but dont even begin to think i voted for romney or mckain,)
75. Rode In An Ambulance? (well, i do work at a hospital, and yea, i have)
76. Rode In A Helicopter? (jumped out of one before too)
77. Caught The Stove On Fire? more times then i care to admit
78. Got In A Verbal Fight? sadly, engaged but never married, stuff went wrong
79. Met Someone Famous? Michael Jorden AND David Bowie
80. Been On Vacation? a few times
81. Been On A Boat? oh yea, love the water ski's
82. Been On An Airplane? no, actually
83. Broken Something Expensive? sadly, DeLorean DX12
84. Had Surgery? a few
85. Beat A Video Game? More then i care to admit
86. Found Something Valuable On The Ground? my teachers wallet
87. Made A Survey? oh yea, the weird stuff teachers made me do
88. Stalked Someone On A Social Network? a few times lol
89. Prank Called Someone? no actually
90. Been To A Library Outside Of School? more then i can ever count
91. Spent Over €100 Shopping In One Day? lol, yea
92. Cut My Hair And Hated It? sadly, i do not look good in a mowhawk
93. Peed Outside? heh, well, remember those cousins, lets just say we all 3 did it togather
94. Went Fishing? yeap
95. Helped With Charity? Does donating to people on IB count (if not then the boyscouts)
96. Taken A Pregnancy Test? (not a girl, but does holding it under there for her count)
97. Been Rejected By A Crush?  sadly
98. Been Suspended From School? i broke his nose, but he pulled my sister hair
99. Broken a mirror? heh, sadly, car mirror
100. Thrown up on someone? once
101. Lied to your parents? who hasnt
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
I I never knew these things about u :3 (licks)
5 years, 10 months ago
theres a lot of things alot of people never knew about me

5 years, 10 months ago
So if you've never been in an airplane, how the hell do you get to Japan???
5 years, 10 months ago
was a cruise liner
5 years, 10 months ago
Dang!  Long trip?
5 years, 10 months ago
14 days was a awesome vacation
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