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Characters for upcoming story (sketches later) comments welcome

I have been trying to make a story for a while here so I'm just goin to go ahead and post character descriptions as well as any major things one should know about them here. I shall also add later on sketches aswell as a description of the world I have created for two long years while working on my story.

Neo phytus-  Neo is my representation of my love of nature and my spirit when it comes to weapons and family. He is in the story a fox, not wild but domestic so he does not have much bulk to him but he is fast and comes up with some good plans some of the time.  His eyes are an unusual green deep green colour that is always moving slowly and can be a pain to stare at for any period of time.  He is also supposed to wear prescription glasses which he "forgets" at home most of the time. Unbeknownst to all bu his sister he keeps a much nicer fitting pair that look almost like sunglasses in his locker for emergencies along with his multi purpose staff that he made himself while spending time in the tutimari camp that he visits every summer.  
Zoe phytus- she is actually not a representation of anybody, just a figment of my imagination who I decided needed out of my head. Zoe like Neo is a fox. A year younger than Neo she has never been as strong as her brother when it came to weapons like the staff. She likes using daggers and bows, weapons of stealth and hunting. Her eyes are a simple blue... Or brown... Or purple. No one can tell because they keep changing bassed on the light, much to the annoyance of those in elementary school who wanted to survey eye colours.  She carries no glasses or such but every week has a new colour in parts of her fur in little patterns or designs.

Marcus- not your typical tiger teen. His father had been the greatest warrior in his tribe but gave up that life for the woman of his dreams who was a domestic tiger.  His features resemble alot of his father, being taller than anyone in the school and with more Muscles than he knew what to do with. Normally this grey eyed feline is very docile, falling asleap durring many a class. But when his twin sister Alissa is threatened he shows his warrior blood by quickly breaking the bones of whoever tried to hurt his sister.
Alissa. Also known as Ali to her friends. She is small compared to her brother, and everyone else that is. Her features more like her mothers who could never be a warrior. But her toungue could cut iron it is so sharp.
Ty. No one knows what it stands for and few shall find out. Ty represents my academic personality but deffinately not my hate of computers. A Teckno wiz Ty can hack any computer in a minute flat, and makes a living as an orphan doing just that, taking whatever he needs to finish a job.   Ty is actually a human and lives in a secret facility under the coastal mountain range near Vancouver. (Yes the place names are the same because I hate makeing up names) he works for anybody and anything as long as they pay him and don't want to meat in person before he turns their identities over to the police who he works secretly "for".
Mia she is a runaway from a joint military experiment where they were trying to combine human and feral DNA to create a race of hybrids for use as military soldiers. She isa surpris. For another time.
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