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Overcoming writer's block from disappointment

Yeah, it sucks. Writer's block is a real pain in the ass. It's all been one disappointment after another with not only this bullshit of the Sofurry admin Toumal ignoring my request to contest them banning me for content I OWN but now I lose all but one of my RPs. I've got a good RP going with a really cool fox but I rather liked the lizard too. Well mostly, it sucked that every few days the lizard wanted to change the RP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMNED STORY! Then turns to RPing his god damned Pokemon deleting the lizard and forgets I even exist. Yet I write his ass into MY story only to get this... I'm better off rewriting that chapter and removing the lizard from my story all together if as he puts it we make better gaming buddies than RP pals...

My stress level does nothing but rise and just when I've gone to using an Ecig from real smoking putting myself on the lowest dose. Yeah, I smoke. Something I picked up in days things where much worse and never gave up. My writing has always helped me through the worst of times but I can even think because of these stupid frustrations.

I like my little fox and our RPs but I wish we'd do something other than a family type set up. I'd enjoy progressing my character's story line with him if he knew and understood Bleach. Than again, I can't even get drawings I want done since it takes me time to find people willing to do the work for only a thank you in return. As for paying well I'm not going down that road and pissing people off. I had an artist friend who died a few years back in a car wreck and well he had another view on the whole art market and he instilled that into me. I'll not air such things because well I don't want to piss everyone off at me heh.
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