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Knights and Merchants, and Gangsters

Well I'm once again addicted to Knights and Merchants. If you haven't played this, I highly recommend it. I believe it's available on Steam now.. So Knights and Merchants is a sweet blend of Settlers, and Age of Empires. You build a town, watch your town create building materials, food, and materials for weapons and armor to outfit your recruits with. Battles are rather tactical, and bowmen are your best friends on the battlefield. Your town will raise horses to be used by your mounted units, although if the enemy has spears or pikes, the mounted units will fall quickly. Be warned though, the AI and pathfinding on this game is HORRIBLE, and can sometimes turn a well thought-out plan into chaos and derpiness. Also the bowmen are rather picky about what direction they have to be facing to fire on the enemy.

On to Gangsters: Organized Crime. If anyone plays this game, I could really use some help. It seems like once I finally get my operation running smoothly, my hoods begin to desert in droves, and never stop. I've tried increasing their pay, and even tried maxing the wages of the ones I want to keep the most, but they still leave. Every turn I lose about half or more, and you know constantly hiring more hoods can become EXTREMELY tedious. It seems to be tied to the overall gang loyalty stat, but nothing I try has ever kept it from constantly falling. Info on the web is extremely limited. I've come across boards where people have asked the same question but get useless answers or none at all.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
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