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Teen Titans Go! a first impression

Alright, so I saw the first episode of Teen Titans go!  Sort of a comedy centric chibified version of Teen Titans, and what did I think of it?  So far it is not too objectionable, but the timing for when it came out is quite horrible.  First I'll talk about the show itself.  I was kind of put off initially when the VERY FIRST JOKE was a jab at the reluctant Brony.  (Raven watches Pretty Pretty Pegasus on her laptop when no one is watching, and at the end of the episode Robin reveals that he's actually an open fan of the show.)  Don't get me wrong, the joke is kind of funny and has a decent payoff, but the context kind of kills it.  You see, it makes the show look like it is desperate to pander to cartoon hipsters that like My Little Pony and Adventure time, they shouldn't actively be trying to do that, as it is something that needs to happen naturally, otherwise the best they can hope for is meta humor like the MAD cartoon.  After that the show had some good humor, both in jokes and physical comedy, the characters are funny and the writing is pretty good for what it is.

So let's talk about that timing, which provides context on how people will react to it.  This show is VERY similar in tone, style, and intent as the gag anime "Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals," a gag anime made as a spinoff to the popular Naruto show.  There are some major differences though, when Rock Lee came out it was a spinoff of Naruto, and the regular Naruto series is still running.  Since the Teen Titans show was cancelled long ago it makes this parody feel a lot more mean spirited than I think it's intended to.  Besides that, we are coming off the cancellation of Thundercats, Green Lantern, and Young Justice, seeing those shows cancelled and replaced by THIS feels like were being told we're a bunch of idiots that can't take serious drama and action, and that lowest common denominator comedy is all we deserve.  The other problem is the time slot it has.  Though premiering at prime time for the first couple weeks the first 3 shows were quickly transferred to saturday morning, virtually a DEATH SENTENCE.  The mature audiences that would want to watch them wouldn't get up that early (even if they did they'd probably be getting ready for work) and kids that actually DO get up that early are more likely to watch the Spongebob reruns on the channel next door.  Now Teen Titans Go has a time slot at 7:30 PM, the same as Adventure Time, so it'll get better ratings and the network will think we want more silly comedy shows instead of real drama and entertainment (then again they put god damn ANNOYING ORANGE in a prime time slot so maybe they already think that.)
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
i dont like it.
5 years, 12 months ago
is that based on the show's own merits, how it relates to the original Titans cartoon, or as a reaction to the other DC nation shows getting cancelled?  I'm actually interested in gathering this kind of data.
5 years, 12 months ago
well honetly, its just my preference. I did not like the original Titans, for several reasons. mainly the poor take on anime chibi ripoffs, Raven always chanting the same god damn thing everytime she uses her powers, the humor, the voice acting, i think robin and starfire were the only two characters i sorta liked and it wasnt by much. But like i said its just my preference, i found it to kiddy in the long run for my taste. Young justice i could enjoy alittle more.
5 years, 12 months ago
It's nice so far. It was better than I expected...
If only we could get rid of Annoying Orange & Incredible Crew..
I actually kinda like IC, it has that "All That!" kinda flavor. (made by Nick Cannon)
It'd be perfect for Nickelodeon, but not for CN. I guess Mr. Cannon must've burnt some bridges
over at Nick...>.>
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