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Bioshock Infinite. No spoilers. FFFFF

Ending of Bioshock Infinite......No spoilers. Nope. Not going to say a single word about what happened. Just my reaction it it...

FUCK YOU!...Just... fuck you guys.. Fuck

You know, you can't make a game, arguing that your moral choices matter, when you give a hand full of options between "good guy" and "Douche Bag", where the good choice is on the right trigger, douche bag on the left, which means even if the left option looks like the good option, it turns out to be the douche option...there's one specific time this comes up and it still pisses me off. ... and then FORCE you to make the decisions, do the things.. that you specifically DON'T WANT TO DO!

But then... That's life.. Isn't it. You choose who you are.. life makes the rest of the choices for you..And fuck her for that.

I am so entirely tired of this generation of games.... "Let's go kill something. Let's go destroy something...No reason why, just do it."... Bioshock's creators once said that to really make a game enjoyable.. You have to create a world that the player wants to save. The flipside is also true.. And Bioshock's creators this time managed to create a world that I want to burn to the fucking ground. The best parts of this game were the parts where you aren't even holding a gun.. And the world is so amazing, so fun to explore, so engaging....AND THEN YOU START SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FACE!

Here's an idea... Why not make a game like this, where it's like going through a choose your own story book...where EVERY choice has a consequence..where you get to actually spend time enjoying the universe instead of dodging bullets...
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
I miss those Choose Your Own Adventure books.  But I highly doubt that ANY game will ever be that elaborate.  The only thing ever so close is Mass Effect but you're still shooting people regardless.
5 years, 12 months ago
It's not a perfect answer, but given your rant, I do think you'd really like a game called "To the Moon"

It's a far cry from what you are asking for, and there aren't really any moral "choices"... but the story is extremely engaging, and it makes you really care what is happening to the characters.  It even manages to have zombies at one point WITHOUT you ever needing to shoot anything.

Anyway, kind of a shameless plug, but this game is an emotional roller coaster, which starts slow, and before you realize it, it will have you on the edge of your seat, actually worried about what is going to happen next.  It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry.  I think it is one of the few modern games that really shows how good a game can be when it puts story before gameplay and graphics.
5 years, 12 months ago
This is sadly why most of my favorite games are still for the early generation consoles, PS1 especially...  because there was a cap on the graphics, games had to have either really good story, or really good gameplay, normally both, in order to be popular.  Games like Soul Reaver for instance, even though there wasn't a "moral choice" system, still felt very free to me as the player.  That game in particular, because it is so free roaming.  It gives you a brief tutorial, and then it kicks you out into the world, and gives you a hint which way to go first, and then you can turn around, and go wander off.  There are numerous places only found by exploring, some of which aren't even beneficial really to your character, they just look really cool, and it gives a fun terrain to explore.  There was so much effort put into the story, and the music, and the level design, and the way the game was played...

I think that a large reason that shooters, military shooters in particular, are so popular anymore, is because there is no need for you to give the player a reason.  It literally boils down to "You are a soldier, and there are your orders".  There is no personal investment from the player, it is simply a command.  Even the better games, like Halo or Call of Duty, the missions are just a strung up series of being put somewhere you didn't choose to go, and being ordered to get to the other side of the map, by slaughtering everything between you and your target.  There is no thought involved really... in almost all cases, there aren't even options for what path you cross the level with.  Just follow the given path, shoot the given targets, get to the given objective...

"It's important, we swear! We just don't know how to make YOU feel like it's important, so... Hey look, a target!"

It just gets so boring, and so repetitive... and the worst part is that it really doesn't have to.  There have been games that do a lot more with a lot less.  Games like Portal for instance, which only have one mechanic to them, but which paired their mechanic to a good story, and more than that, good character design.  Portal is another gem, simply because of the level of detail that was put into GlaD0s.  The fact that Chell is "mute" makes it seem like GlaD0s is talking to you directly.  All her banter and insults are tailored to actually make you have feelings toward her.  You may only end up hating her, but at least you've felt something.

By contrast, taking a game like Gears of War... when they are trying to do emotional scenes, I can't even begin to describe how much I don't care.  When they get to their big scene where a main character is killed, and they cue up their crudely ripped version of "Mad World" playing in the background... I don't think they realize that they spent no time letting us get to know him... He was void of personality, and so I can't feel anything for him, no matter what soundtrack they use. (By contrast, there is a point in "To the Moon" which just... It makes grown men cry...)

Lastly, in regards to the Moral Choice system... which is usually presented as two choices, one totally good, the other totally evil, and which seems to always happen at the press of a button...

Rather than just a two choice, button press system, I've always been a fan of games that tell you, "There are several options to progress, here are a few, GO!".  And then they toss you into the world, and you can go do one thing and see what happens, or you can do some other thing.  Nobody needs to quantify one as being "Good" and the other as "Evil".  It isn't really a Moral Choice system... It is just a Choice system.

Much more importantly... Make the choices DO SOMETHING!  I'm sick of games like Fable which try and boast how "free" they are, when regardless of your decisions, you are ALWAYS on the same story line!  A few lines of dialog is not a change in the story...

5 years, 11 months ago
Well, I don't really need "moral" choices.. I would like the things you do to have effects though... I like fallout.. Where yes, there are moral choices, but the simple actions have consequences.. One thing it tells you right off hand about the FPS culture is that Fallout3 actually had to yank the gun out of your hands through the first hour or so of game play to let you know this is a game where you probably don't want to shoot EVERYTHING that moves..I play the Children of The Wasteland mod.. it's......................perverse, but adds a little twist to the game..

Okay, I don't think this is a spoiler, but in Infinite, you jump through multiple realities filled with various bigotries. And things get steadily worse as you go. I prefer to think that if you can make the right decisions, you can actually make things better. Through out the order of the worlds, the bad guy, the "profit" is always portrayed as the great leader of... You know, I remember the name of Rapture.. I have no freaking clue what this city is even called..Anyway. I would like to think you could create a universe, through the right choices, where there is no bigotry, where the people live largely in peace, and Comstock (introduced almost instantly, not a spoiler) goes from being the Religious Leader of a Theocratic Oligarchy, to being a religious zealot and terrorist.. Or, if you keep making the wrong.. IE violent or selfish choices, you end up becoming a villainous monster..Kind of giving you the option "If you want to avoid violence, we can arrange that for you, and you will get a happier ending for it.. If you want violence and distruction, you can have it, but you might not like where it leads you..

Anyway. Another game I really liked, which does involve a lot of shooting, is Deadspace.. Deadspace 2 was okay, haven't played 3.. but the original..There is something there that is so dark that most people just purposefully miss it. That being that it never actually tells you that the things that Clarke is seeing are..REAL... Everything that Clarke sees is consistent with a psychotic break with reality and paranoid delusions.. A relatively text book case in fact. And even at the very end of the story, it still leaves open that possibility... Then they made a sequel which blows that theory out of the water of course.. (I suffered paranoid delusions one time caused by a virus. It was... unpleasant for everyone involved x.x... (fever+Dehydration= scary stuff)

Soul Reaver was one of my favorite games.. I hear they are discussing a remake. I hope they do it justice...

Uncharted.. I like uncharted. Because it's got a lot of puzzles you have to solve.. and often a lot of scenery to explore.. and yet again, is a game that is TOTALLY more interesting if you can avoid the murdering people aspect... I always liked the games that were mostly about solving puzzles and having to go track down this artifact, and so on..

Sorry, my brain isn't working right today, so my thoughts aren't fitting together right x.x..
5 years, 11 months ago
No worries, just relax your brain~

I did just remember another fun game, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which was tons of fun, and had a surprising amount of freedom of choice, and consequence.  It is almost eerie actually... If you are paying attention, you will notice things that were caused by choices you made hours ago.

One of my favorite things about Amalur, was that the key NPC's could be killed... but didn't respawn.  So yeah, if you want to, you can run into town and kill all the residents.... but after you kill enough of them, everyone will leave, and it becomes a ghost town.  There is actually a spider queen at one point early on who you are sent off to kill... who makes a decent case for why the humans there are actually trespassing in HER forest, and then she makes a counter offer for you to go chase off the town's inhabitants instead of killing her.

What got me most about that though, is that NPCs who you had killed are occasionally referenced by other people.  Say I sneak in to the house of a guy named Steve, and kill him in his sleep.  The next day, people walking by on the street may say to each other, A: "Did you hear about Steve?  Dreadful..." B: "I heard they have no idea who did it.  We should be careful."

It is little stuff like that... combined with the fact that the game is HUGE, practically overflowing with content, far more than skyrim had, I'd wager, that made that an exceptionally fun game.

EDIT: Forgot to mention... it is an EA game, which rather shocked me since this title slipped by unnoticed for the most part...
5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
*hugs back* sorry for ranting and bad language..x.x
3 years, 1 month ago
and I thought that the world collapses falls into the water XD
2 years ago
Heh, only recently got the bioshock series, but I saw this long before:
Explains a lot about why infinite is so wrongly designed
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