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Save the Teeth!! - sketch sale!!

With saving up for my upcoming move, I went to the dentist while I could. To fix my teeth while I still have insurance, it will still cost me about $1,000. This will severely deplete my savings and make my move all the more hazardous and worrisome. So, I am running a Sketch Sale Donation Drive to earn the money.

Here's how to help: I will be running a sketch sale for $10 each to raise the money. Now 'sketches' are basically line art, but they might be a little quicker and not as detailed as a full line art, but I will try to make them as accurate as I can, even if it means taking a little extra time to finish them. They are full character line arts only. Examples can be seen here:


To make it simple, this is how to apply. Send me a note with the heading SAVE THE TEETH. Copy and paste this application form and fill it out:


Character name:



Hair style:

Body Type:


additional details: (optional)

Preferred Pose:

Reference pictures: (These will be Extremely helpful in making the process faster and more accurate)

(OPTIONAL) Background color: (muted single color or gradient)

Money will be accepted through paypal or money orders. Once the application is sent, I will inform you where to make the paypal payments. I'm doing this application to speed up and simplify the process, Please use it if you intend to help.

In the meantime, I will continue to accept regular commissions. I will also color the line art sketches for an additional $5, an amazing steal for a limited time only because...well, let's face it, I'm desperate.

As a Special Bonus! To the person who donates the most during this donation drive, they will receive a special picture. This picture can be of their character and any character they want, full color, doing whatever they request*. This can be any of my characters, from here, Patchworth, or even Mob ties. Or just from other pop culture shows, cartoons or anime. Must use the Donation drive rules and application to apply for this benefit

I know times are tough, so I would like to thank you ahead of time for any support you can give. I promise to do my very best to draw your characters in a way that will make you happy. Oh, and if anyone can explain to me how to get Livestream working in a way, you can watch me draw your character live.

Money Raised:

$200 / $1000

Pretty strong start! I have 4 pictures to go, but I've knocked out 1 a day so far. Thanks so much for everyone who's contributed.

*Limitations to this only include illegal stuff. This pretty much just means child pornography, I'll pretty much draw anything else.
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