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Baby Fur - Cub Fur

I am both.
Even as I write this, and I am holding it till I'm finished, I have a full bladder. Now if I had diapers, I would be writing in this journal, of how I'm sitting here, allowing it to escape, as I write.
And how I just let the diaper get soaked, with still morning? Afternoon really, pee.
But in a lot of ways, you can still refer to it as morning pee. I am pretty sure, it's still rather yellow, and I would really rather just pee it here.
Being a Baby Fur, started before I knew anything about fur fandom, or fursuiting. It was all my sister's fault, I peed myself in the middle of the bathroom floor, around 10 or 11-years-old. Of course, after about three times, mom didn't believe it any-longer. I believe one of those times, I actually pressed so hard to piss. (WARNING, IF YOU DON'T LIKE SCAT, DON'T READ!).
Scroll Down.

I stood there, and pressed so hard, I felt poop wanting to come out, and rather then stopping for some dumb reason, I just pressed my poopy right out, and into my underwear.
If I remember, I tried to hide that part, by flushing my poop, but the evidence was still in my underwear.
Mom didn't however realize I had all out pooped in them, and thought that part was just a part of my skid mark accidents.
I had many times after this, I liked laying in bed, fooling with my constipation, pressing some out, trying not to poop fully. Of course sometimes I would anyway, and then would have to clean that up.
I would often try to hide my underwear, but that proved to be a bad idea, of course because they would eventually be found. As I got older, I got more devious in hiding my liking to poop, while even sometimes pissing. As my body went through it's changes, I found pooping to be even more stimulating, so I practiced it even more frequent. Pooping myself while in bed, making a certain kind of mess of my belly.
Of course, I would sometimes sneak toilet paper into my room, so as to carry my poop to the bathroom later. This types of feelings never left me, and I don't believe they ever will.
So,, so if you wonder where my inspirations come from, to have my characters pooping, pissing, and at times, even spooging a bit, as they poop, it comes from my own young life.
The all out enjoyment I always had of pooping.

Now that that's written, I don't got diapers, so I'd better go, before I have to change my cloths.

Piss That Is.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.

Fieve... ;-)  :-)  (Denny Jr.)
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Cool story, kinda know how u feel nothing like a poop
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