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Happy Birthday to me...

Never all that fun when it lands on a weekday like this, it really will just be another day for me. That is alright, I had a nice little get-together with the family on Saturday. It was the first weekend in awhile where I did not have anywhere to be, so it was nice to just relax at home and visit with everyone while we watched movies and ate pizza. I did treat myself Sunday by going on and buying a couple Star Wars Lego sets I have been putting off, I will probably spend part of tonight, after work, building them. Oh, my brother also picked me up a copy of Bioshock Infinite, which I am loving this game so far and wish I had more free time to just sit and play. Sunday was also a meetup with some of the local bronies, the idea was to raid Build-A-Bear, which we did but only three people ended up building one of the pony plushies. I totally would have myself, however it appears that every store in the area was sold out of Rainbow Dash. Now, I do not necessarily have anything against Pinkie Pie, but she is not the one I went there for so I just passed, for now. Mind you, if they did have Dashie, I would of gotten them both. Oh well, I did at least get to pick up the Hot Topic Variant of issue #5 of the MLP:FIM comic, the one with Trixie and the Ursa on the cover.

Over all, it was just a very nice weekend and I am hoping for a nice quite night after work.
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Happy birthday! =D [hugs]

Glad to hear you had some fun on the weekend. =) I didn't know you were in to MLP that much. X3 Hope you have a nice night. =3
6 years, 1 month ago
*Belly laughs* In it enough to try and help bail out one failing con and helping run two others.
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