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No More

Simply put, I am tired of everything.  

And when I mean everything, I mean the fact that I cannot enjoy my spare time I reserve online because I remind myself of the various idiots who have messed with me for over 10 years and some currently acting like cyber terrorists in places like twitter.  Seriously, these basement dwelling virgins need a hobby other than wasting what little they got of a life on bothering me, its not healthy that we have losers like them breathing the same air we do, they are stealing our precious supply that those of us need that are actually being productive with our lives.

I say those kind of morons we have to face everyday should be caught by the G men and turn into fertilizer, so they at least can serve a purpose in this world.  That way, we will have less trolls and idiots like bronies and furfags that are the current cancer in our own lives.  

Really, what kind of moron goes around rounding other maggots that let themselves be brainwashed so they can bully anyone they hate?  Do these people need some serious therapy or what?  

What is it that when you log online you suddenly have this urge to become some hideous monster that not even Hitler could ever become?  On top of that, they all always have the same "personality", and by that I mean they are all smiles and fake being nice so others could "obviously" see that they are so damn innocent and always the victim of anyone that they get pissed off so they can gang on them.  

Or when you make the mistake of being that pissed you take it in private so that moron can stop messing with you, only to find out you take their bait as they post everything in the open to further their "proof" and get mods on their side even.  Guess what?  They do, and chances are you are just doomed to stand their shit until you either leave or get banned.  Nothing you ever do or say to try and clarify matters. These assholes play anyone else like puppets being shoved a hand up their ass so they can only do the bidding of the assholes who are currently the ones who SHOULD get banned and beat the snot out of IRL so they can learn never to act like such filth online.

This is why I don't bother with forums, chatrooms, or any other nonsense where I know I will never be accepted even if I try.  Of course I have facebook, twitter, and what not, but at least I also have the power to block any dumbass who even tries their shit on me as if I was a noob who barely learned what the internet is for.

And also I don't go online as much as I did once.  I cared way too much when I would even sacrifice sleep in trying to settle things with an asshole who was enjoying every single word I typed pleading to forgive me and that I would take all the blame if we could once again get along.


No more.

I almost lost my reason for living thanks to you.  

I will never again care that much for the likes of your sorry selves.

And I hope that if indeed there is a God who judges us all in due time, that you get the WORST he can do to pay what you owe me.

I really do.
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Added: 6 years ago
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