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All right, this is a bit ranty, so feel free to skip it.


Seriously now. Type "striped skunk" into Google image search. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Done? Good.

Now, discounting albinos for reasons that will soon be obvious, how many photos show the striped skunk M. mephitis having a white/pale belly?

I'll tell you: Zero.

I'm not going to hunt art down and leave nasty comments on it, but I swear, sometimes I feel like I'll snap if I see one more striped skunk furry given a white front.

(Nor does the tail dip in the middle like a tongue. I blame cartoons for that one.)

It's like arctic foxes being drawn with black gloves and socks in their winter coat. People don't even try to see what the actual animal is like. It's one thing if it's a deliberate stylistic choice, but when people just take it as "natural" that a skunk has a white belly, that an arctic fox has dark points...

And it's even more obnoxious in the case of people who claim to strongly identify with the species in question, and that's why they have skunk/fox/etc avatars. Now, I'm a skeptic at the best of times, but when these people don't even know what the animal looks like? It's awfully hard not to be. This is not something like details of anatomy that are hard to find decent  references for. This is trivial stuff to check.


Okay, I'm done. Back to lurk-mode.
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8 years ago
I tend to check out species before cresting descs for characters, I take some artistic licenses, but I remember one time I created an lion boy and some people were excited that I included the spots that lion cubs can have, kinda surprised me.
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