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D-Resonate Castle of Dreams Alpha Concept

Why not, I might as well post what I've done as far as code goes. There are no new objects but I did finish a proto type layout of Black Towers and a play holder title screen.


Yeah the Alpha build is going to be an .exe format game. Flash is just the only format I can export the game in for free (Stencyl's little catch to using their development software).

The built still lacks sound, since I was going to work on composing tracks for it using Pyscle after I finished building the Alpha Build.

There is still no full sprite sheet for Sarina as that still hasn't been finished yet due to me being preoccupied with studing life drawing and digital coloring.

Controls are as follows (sorry I still couldnt' get a custom control set up to work yet so it's based on the USA PC KeyBoard).

Left and Right Arrow Keys = Jog/walk
Down Arrow Key = duck
X Key (while walking/Jogging) = Run
Down Arrow Key (while Running) = Slide
Z Key = Jump
Z Key (While in mid Air) = Double Jump (currently set to 999 as the maxed number of Jumps in the air that can be performed)

The Frame Rate is a near consistant 60fps. Drops to around 40fps when full screened though this drop doesn't always happen.

Concept Artwork will be up around May and will continued to be posted here to attempt to keep things alive.

Someday I'll finish this game, I promise. This is too improtant to me to just let it die forever. Until then, enjoy the concept art and sketches that will be posted from now till that faithful day.
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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