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Secret Affair Chapter Update & Other Things

First Inkbunny blog. :P

Finally, finally updated my Sonic magnus opus, Secret Affair, and it was a good while coming. The last update was back in August, which is nearly going on about eight months. But I suppose that must seem like a pinch considering that it took me four years to update the story prior.

Yeah, four years. Work, school issues, and just the feeling of fuck-it-all if I did have a spare moment to type. But I powered through it slowly, and the story is very much towards the end now. I announced in the author's notes that there are three more chapters to this story. The four year hiatus has given me and the co-author time enough to smooth out and streamline the story where previously planned chapters might be condensed into one.  

I also made the Chapter 20 something of a stand alone conclusion in the event that I decided not to continue with the story. Owe the folks reading that much of a satisfactory ending, but after four years, I feel I owe it to them to finish. I also feel I owe it to myself to finish, for two reasons. The first reason being that I've already placed a lot of time, effort, and love into the fanfic itself. Leaving it unfinished seems like a slap in the face to aforementioned.

Secondly, I want to start working on other stories without the guilt of leaving this one unfinished. I have so many ideas coursing through my head, but at the end I always remember that I still have this one to finish. Especially now that I have an Inkbunny account - a lot of the stuff I want to work on is adult-oriented Sonic stuff. I want to explore and expand into that area as I've barely scraped the surface with Secret Affair.

If you're interested in reading, you can find the story on either  Fanfiction.Net or Adult Fanfiction.
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