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Commissiooooons :D

Hey there dear Inkbunny members!
I finally discovered a few things people are likely to seek for here and I am about to upload some pics of those kind of things ( if I can manage to color them somehow lol ) and I really really hope to catch the attention of those whom are dying to ask someone to turn their ideas into art. :3 I am here to help them with my fufish way and style, if they please of course.. uwu Because I do! cB
So.. let me know anyone if there's something you'd like to ask for, but I have to say that I am not going to do things for free. The first reason is that my intentions here are to make money through art, and sadly that will not work if I don't take charge for what I do. The second comers from this, I can't afford to accept request without a lil support for my personal plans.. :c
Please.. if you like what I make or just want to give us a try then leave a PM or something, maybe an email so I can get things started and actually, it'd make me very happy to do commissions, see how I do and so. That'd be a pleasant.. And I do hope that I can satisfy the audience as well -w-
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
You have a very soft style and I'd love to know what you use to make you art.

I'd be willing to pay for a commission from you, but a journal listing your prices, what you will/won't draw, payment method, and any other considerations expectations would be a big help.

I love to help promote new artists, just one way I can support the fandom even though I can't draw worth a spit.
6 years, 2 months ago
Oh dear, thank you so, so very much =w= I use Gimp because I have a very old type of pc and I haven't got to know photoshop yet. I've been using this programme for fun and hobby since.. around 6 years I think? But yet I still don't know much of it, I only gained expetience with mouse, so I can make my lines when coloring more comfortably by now. And I don't use pencil sketches but pen arts, since I don't know how to deal with the another version.
I would do whatever you would like to ask for. Just send me a pic of a furry or cartoon or whatever you'd like me to make so I will be able to.
And prices.. I don't know anything about that to be honest, I've never been selling my art before so I'll ask for help from someone about how he began. And I think it all depends on what I do and how much time I invest.. like if I'd be making a complicated job that takes long then it'd be a different price..
Just inform me about your wishes through a PM or comment and we will agree about the rest of the deal. And thank you very much for the support agai, it means a lot to me..
6 years, 2 months ago
Glad to help, always a pleasure to welcome a new artist to the site.

Sent my reply by PM, take a look and get back to my with what you think.
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