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Crappy thing at my rpg club

We held a rpg convention this week-end, which suffered a lot of problems. Many of those were that despite we filled the paperforms to have use of the building we had, other clubs kept showing up and taking some of the few rooms that we were allowed to use. When we signed the deal, only one club was supposed to share the building with us over the week-end, in one room and a time period we weren't planning to use. We planned and organised with that. On the saturday morning, we were told another club would show up and take our main room on the sunday. We were not pleased. All over the week-end, peoples we weren't even told about took rooms and such.

I voiced those concerns to my rpg club president, speaking of the respect of engagements, security and such. I was told to shut up, then when I told him that being president didn't allowed him to tell me that, I was threatened of being expelled. While he is able to do so, nothing justified such a threat. And I left and forgot all about it, thinking he just overeacted.

32 hours after the event, I received a message telling me the president had started a motion to expell me. His justification : I was out of line in front of a worker of the building we were in. The worker in question was standing next to the president while we were talking together, and never entered neither was invited in the discussion, I always adressed the president and the vice-president that was with him. The president had more than once showed that he didn't liked his decisions being discussed or dissaproved, and guess he reached the bottom with the clear abuse of power.

While I'm not afraid too much about the outcome (I made the message public, and already got support from the secretary meaning that they can't expell me since they would need him to vote to expell me) for myself, I'm afraid about what it will do to my rpg club. It also add to my worries since I had an already not that great day with worrying about one of my friend loosing his job and a problem with a gift package said friend send to me.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Clearly what you should do is stab holes in the presidents tires, Key the entire car, break open a window, then spread the contents of a garbage bag into the inside. :D
6 years ago
Also used kittylitter...
6 years ago
Nah! Just dump some A-B Foam in there! Goes in as a liquid but sets as a rock hard foam!
6 years ago
... you need a president for rps .... why did no one tell me?
6 years ago
Well, nothing much that wait and see, this president will have to deal with intern politic if he really want to expel you. If your rpg club is so tyrannic maybe it doesn't deserve you.
6 years ago
We never had a problem before this president, but he was elected recently because no-one wanted the job.
6 years ago
Get a copy of the club manifesto/constitution. See what it takes to overthrow a president and what is needed to expel someone. Also, check what is needed to call an Emergency Meeting (EGM); you might be able to organise one to talk about what went wrong and why other clubs who had not reserved rooms were using them.
6 years ago
Thanks you, but already all this is underway
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