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BLFC and me

By my count only twentyfour days left till I leave for Reno, only taking two days off work plus my normal two days off so it is kinda like a mini vacation.  Still have the three hundred (which is more than the room) saved to pay for hotel plus another hundred on top of that.  I did have more but bills have to be paid and I like my internet connection.  Also I still have two paychecks which I hope to pull at least a hundred plus from each.

Still I am excited and today got schedule for when I will be working at con
Fr: 9a-2p (registration)

I see several other people with more work time but that is just fine for me because I have no idea what to expect and I think doing this will hopefully mean I get to meet some people and hopefully introduce myself some.

I kinda doubt anyone reading this will be going but if by a slightest chance someone is say HI!  I am so excited (yes I know I said that) and waiting or trying to wait patiently.  I don't think half the people I have told understand in the slightest what I am doing...... for that matter I have no real idea what I am getting into.  I have never been to any kind of convention, I guess the closest thing was a car swapmeet which I didn't really enjoy not being much into cars and just went with a friend who ignored me more than half the time.
I hope that I will have at least one day of fun and excitement, that alone would do me for another couple of years in my small life.

Really don't bother going further that is it about the con.

Side note for me.  I am really trying to change a lot in my life the hardest part is me.  For to long I have just let things slide and I have slowly become unhappy with just about every aspect of it.  Weight, health, diabeties, job, and personal confidence are pretty much the things I have started with and as funny as it sounds the convention was the starting point.

Although I don't know how long it will take to get the health and diabeties taken control of (I remember years back when I did feel good in body) I know without some kind of insurance or healthcare it is not something I can achieve(and the quote for insurance is $220 a month and I would still have copays....wtf? the other is county medical which is a copay of $673 a month but only for the months I use it... Double wtf!!).  But I will try.  I have lost a small eight pounds or so the scale says, it is just plain evil in any guise but my true goal would be to weigh under 210 unclothed(Don't picture me naked, it is the only really accurate way to get your weight).  Yes I would like to be a little less but that is the attainable one. That means just another eight pounds or so.  As for personal confidence it is my co-workers and customers who are now paying the price although at least most with a laugh.

I tend to be a sarcastic little shit when I am feeling good or happy and have been that way more often than not recently because I have something to look forward to and really I am trying.   When you ask for the bathroom key and I can totally tell you straight out that it is a FIVE dollar deposit or two forms of I.D.  Its funny as hell to see the shocked looks and even the few who reach for their pockets.(I was asking for five bucks or a left shoe but it seems everyone knew it was a joke then.) Lastly Job... Well my brother in law has taken it into his mind to try and help and he wants to open/reopen a closed pizza parlor.  I did that for fourteen years and still have people who recognize me as the guy at the pizza parlor even some who suggested the local pizza sucks *wink*.  I do need a change and this will be a kinda big one since I will have to do a bit more and run the damn thing rather than just assist, still part of me wonders if it is a step forward or back.

Any who what this means is I think I am doing better trying harder and hoping for more.  As for writing sadly I seem to be a little to excited at times to just sit and write and the ideas for stories in my mind seem to split apart rather easily but I try, sadly it boils down to about three pages a day in my notebook which is sadly about 1 or 2 typed.  I will continue but I just need to settle a little.  I have what seems to be the set up for my -watchers story- and am doing my best to work all the answers in and I do have a plot started but still have no clue where it ends, its a bit odd I think.   *Watchers story is for sofurry*
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