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Big Stuff Happening

So, I am a Vocal Performance Major and this saturday is my BIG Senior Voice Recital. This is a huge thing,  I compare it to a singer's bar (or bat) mitzvah. Some people don't understand what exactly a recital is, or how much work it is. The requirements for my recital are there have to be at least three different languages, your music has to represent three different time periods and has to be atleast 50 minutes worth of music. That means without the intermission, without the breaks inbetween each song, without the breaks in between each Set i have to have music playing/singing for 50 minutes. All of it, of course, has to be memorized.

So... this is very stressful. Normally you find music for atleast the whole year before hand. So you work on it and have it solid. I, on the other hand, changed voice fachs (voice part) to countertenor in the Fall... which meant I had to find and learn totally new music. ( Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvW8rrWyr54) Aaaand started working on my english set about 5 weeks ago when I had to still memorize all my other music. SO I am pretty stressed out. But I think a lot of people don't really know what I am preparing for so I decided to explain it.

SO HERE is my program below. All of it is memorized and all of it is JUST me and a piano, totally about 60 minutes total worth of singing. It will be recorded and I might put it on youtube when it is finished, but not sure. If you actually read all of this I thank you! SO this is a graduation requirement to get my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and I am really looking forward to it / I am dreading it! Haha but AFTER this recital I am going to feel sooo great and I am going to get all of the drunky paws! :3 In my head I will be unofficially graduated from Undergraduate  :D Even though I still have a month left of classes to take. Can't wait to be doooone!!!!

Nun wird mein liebster Braütigam Johann Sebastian Bach
Bereite dich Zion (1685-1750)
Recitative and Aria from Weihnachts-Oratorium

Nel profondo cieco mondo Antonio Vivaldi
from Orlando furioso (1678-1741)
Che fiero costume         Govanni Legrenzi (1626-1690)
Come raggio di sol         Antonio Caldara (1670-1736)
Ahimè, dove trascorsi         Christoph Glück
Che farò senza Euridice (1714-1787)
Recitative and Aria from Orfeo ed Euridice

O wüsst ich doch den Weg zurück, Op. 63, nr. 8 Johannes Brahms
Liebestreu, Op. 3, nr. 1                                          (1833 – 1897)
Sapphische Ode, Op. 94, nr. 4
Wir wandelten, Op. 96, nr. 2

(15 minutes)

Cinq Mélodies Populaires Grecques Maurice Ravel
Chanson de la mariée                           (1875-1937)
Là-bas, vers l’église
Quel gallant m’est comparable
Chanson de cuilleuses de lentisques
Tout gai!

from Folksong Arrangements, Moore’s Irish Melodies
At the mid hour of night Arr. Benjamin Britten
Rich and rare                      (1913-1976)
Oft in the stilly night
The last rose of summer
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Good Luck! Im sure your gonna blow them away.
6 years ago
AWw thanks Fen! I sure hope to!
6 years ago
Why for you make things harder on yourself, Pupster?
Best of luck on the Recital.
I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Wish I were in a position to come hear it live.
6 years ago
Awww thanks!
I am actually practicing right now (doing a run through without accompaniment and this is my 15 min. intermission hehe)
That would be amazing if you came! Of course you are invited :) My mom and sister are putting on ONE HELL of a reception!
6 years ago
Oh wow, best of luck puppy, blow them all away ^-^
6 years ago
Thank you! I hope tooo
6 years ago
Tripp, I know for a fact that you are going to go onto that stage and own it. You will perform your crazy heart out and every single person in the crowd will be in awe of how amazing what they just witnessed was.

But just as a gesture of kindness, good luck. Even though you won't need it.
6 years ago
Awww LinglIng thank you so much that is really sweet of you! I need all the confidence I can get so I really appreciate it :)
6 years ago
That seems like a really long program! I want a recording when you're done and we can have a chat about it :3 You know I'm rooting for ya, pupster <3
6 years ago
thaank you *huggles* I really appreciate it! I realize it's a very long program, but when I think of cutting any of it I just think noooo I have to do that! Hahaha
6 years ago
Wow, that's quite a program! X3 I'm a big fan of classical music myself (music minor in college) and I would love to hear you sing these pieces :3 I'm sure you'll do splendidly and will blow everyone away! :D *huggles* Best of luck Tripp!
6 years ago
Yeaaa everyone is saying it's pretty big, but I want to keep all the music! i couldn't decide what to cut... so I didnt haha... But awww thanks! If theyre are good recordings i might share them but I won't know till i Get the recording. but Thank You so much!! IT is today at 5 and im sooo nervous!
6 years ago
You'll be splendid, I'm sure of it! ^w^ and if you ever sing Schumann's "Dichterliebe," let me know cuz it's one of my favorites ;3 Go knock 'me dead! :D
6 years ago
I sang 4 of the dichterliebe last year they are wonderful pieces!
6 years ago
Indeed they are! :3 It's hard to pick a favorite XD
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