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Of Miranda and Puca

For a while i've had this 'aspect' (though for the furries out there, 'fursona' is a good synonym for it) of me that I have for years interpreted as being 'a herm part fox part bunny' type thing.  I've never had her drawn (tho i've requested it before) but partially this is because I could never get the right visual for it.  Only even partially in my head, and in descriptions, and I made a close looking avatar on Second Life.. I never really got it.

I always called this fursona "Miranda".

Until today.   I fell across an image of a species called Puca.   Now I have heard of pooka and its various ilk, but this species is .. well .. It matches Miranda so closely that I've decided that this is what Miranda (has been/is/should be).

So from now on Miranda shall be a Puca, which really doesn't come with much changes to her.  At some point (soon) I will have a commission done of her, but the most major change is just in calling her Puca instead of foxbunny (any funny/box jokes will be summarily terminated)

On Furryfaire I presented Miranda as a part Myrix part Lapix (Rymnian fox and bunny race hybrid) to fit her into that world.   On pokemon MUCKs, she was always a herm buneary/lopunny.   But I think getting a fix on what she's supposed to be, she needs to strike out on her own and be one of these.

On another note, the reason I call these things 'aspects' is because I don't really have characters.  I don't really get any enjoyment out of creating a character I don't relate to, then playing it.   Instead, parts of me, maybe parts of spirit, or personality, or whatever, decide that they relate to something.  Usually when I create a character, I get bored of it inna few weeks and it doesn't last.  But an 'aspect' is something that wants to exist, and the characters I create that last are based on them.

Things that are a part of me, an aspect wanting representation, they do last, they get refined, and have a life of their own after a while.

This is strangely enough one of those things.    and i'd like to thank
for the discovery.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
ahh  Cool. Welcome to the pucas =3
7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Miranda Nyoko Angelpaw.  Full name.  True story.

*draws both of you into a little cuddle*
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