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TNSC Art Contest - April 2011

TNSC Art Contest - April 2011

The winner for last month is:
Comission: Kanakitten - http://strawberryneko.artspots.com/image/37684/comissi...
by strawberryneko - http://strawberryneko.artspots.com/

Now for this Month:
Nominate Art for Theme: Characters in the Military
Vote on Art for Theme: Muscluar Characters - Characters with big muscles.

Nomination and Voting deadline: May 1, 2011

Nominate and Vote on your favorite art at www.tnsc.thrill.to

(Now I wrote an "informative ad" on how you can make TNSC better for you at the bottom of this Journal)


Drako's Art Challenge

Now I have decided to test a new idea, which I will call Drako's Art Challenge.

Now, before any of you start sneering at me for "crying out for free art," please understand the following:
Yes, Drako's Art Challenge may consist of ideas that involve my fursona or my mate, Mix Tags.
(So, yes - this is a means of asking/requesting free art)
You do not have to take up the challenge or draw anything for me if you do not want to.
However, I will still encourage you to take a look at TNSC's Art Contest.
(TNSC's Art Contest tends to be a lot more general with its themes.)

The main reason the challenge would consist of my fursona is that I alone would choose the winner, and images that have my fursona in it would encourage me to actually choose the winning art drawn for my challenge very carefully.

Now this is in essence, me using my journal to request art based on ideas I have floating around in my head at the time.
Yes, many of these ideas may include images I'd like to see of my fursona.

Please remember, this month is only a test to see what sort of response I get to the Art Challenge, and to see if there are enough people out there willing to draw these requests.

I will choose my favorite image drawn of the theme listed, and that favorite image will be put onto my own profile here and placed as the Featured Submission for a full month - AND the aritst who drew it will not only be given full creidt with links to their userpage (and the original peice) - but will also get a shout out with those same links on my "Art Contest" Journal Next Month.

The only requirement for the drawing is that it fits the theme or idea listed.
Artists may add additional characters, themes, or ideas into the work at their own discretion.

So, this months Challenge Theme is:
Drako wearing a blue thong.  (Bonus points for showing bulge.)

If anyone wants to draw and submit something to the challenge:
You may find my detailed description on my own site - www.drako.funurl.com
You may find pictures of me on my TNSC Profile Page - http://is.gd/67wEVr
Once you finish the drawing, just reply to this journal with a link to it.

(At some point, I may take the "rules" of this challenge and put them on their own page - Depending on if I keep doing it.)

------------------------- Begin that Informational Ad -------------------------------------------------------------------

Now some really cool stuff you all can do to make TNSC yours!

1. Nominate and Vote in the TNSC Art Contest.
That's right you can nominate art that fits this month's nominataion theme and drop by the polls to vote on your favorite nominations from last month!

2. Submit ideas for Art Contest Themes.
Your Art Contest ideas can be anything, LITERALLY.  If you can dream it up as something you'd like to see drawn, then feel free to submit it as a TNSC Art Contest Idea.  (Just see the Upcoming Contests Page to send in your idea submission)

3. Submit ideas, questions, and possible answers of your own for the Monthly Poll.
The TNSC Montly Poll is designed to spread ideas, ease curiousities, and be fun!  If you have a question you'd like to know how others would respond to, then head on over to TNSC Forums, enter our Suggestions Thread, and Suggest your questions for the TNSC Monthly poll.

4. Submit LOTD material.
Everyone knows some amazing, super funny, or really amusing website, image, or video.  You can head on into TNSC Forums, head into our Suggestions Thread, and submit links that you would like to see us use as a Link of the Day.  (Hell, if you own a website, you can submit that too!)

5.  Submit a TNSC Header banner.
The TNSC Header banner is something we heavily encourage users to change every month.  Why?? Well, we want our header banner to represent our users, and there is no better way than by letting the users choose what goes on that banner!  The TNSC Header banner is 830x113 and can have anything rated PG-13 or lower on it.  Want your fursona or character to be showcased on TNSC for a whole month?? Then feel free to draw it up in the size format of our Header Banner and submit it to us!  Plus, TNSC will never choose a "solid site mascot," meaning that the "mascot" can be anyone or anything for a whole month.  To top it off, any user who submits a TNSC Header banner will have their name listed sitewide with a link to their own site!

6. And of course, you can submit your own stuff to TNSC.
We have galleries, video sharing, and stroy sharing space.  You can submit your own pictures (or anything under our "By you, of you, for you" rules) to the galleries, share your videos and stories, and get lots of feedback and comments.  We also have forums and chat rooms where you can share your ideas and even engage in all sorts of Role Plays.  We also have TNSC Radio - where you can submit your own shows and music, or even request your favorite songs and artists.

You can also get use MY TNSC to have a centralized profile for all your internet accounts, along with a "Fuatured Items" gallery to show of the best of your best work.

You can also get rid of those pesky ads by donating to TNSC (which is optional - TNSC will always remain completely free even without donations) or using ad and/or popup blocking software.

----End seemingly heavy site plug-----

On a serious note, We think it would be cool to get all these people who come to TNSC - or have shown an interest in TNSC - to become more active somehow.  There are quite a few members, and a few of them are fairly active.  So there are posts coming in, but not as many as we were hoping for.  So, how about helping to liven up the site a bit vs just browsing?  

(Yes, we are talking to the 70+ people we know drop by at least once per day.)


We are still planning on the move to SC, you can help us save up funds for our move by donating a small amount.

We have enough saved up to get the car.

You may donate at the following page:


If anyone wishes to send me gifts, my wishlist is here:
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