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Hypocricsy & Stuff

No, not a journal about FA.  It's about much bigger hypocrites.  

I was intending to post an April 1st journal about having found (Xtian) religion and deleting all my lustful furry art and stuff.  But I was deterred from that by the power of The Lord!  Oh yeah, baby.  

I started chasing stories about Cardinal Dolan's appearances on the Sunday talk shows.  I haven't followed the whole Catholic abuse thing and the suspicious sudden retirement of former Hitler Jungend member, pope Ratzinger, or his replacement, the first Jesuit pope, Francis The Foot Kisser.  I've only seen Dolan in person once.  He was visiting a local priest, Father Scully, who was robbed on X-mas Eve, and who hates Dolan and thinks he's a hypocrite.  Soooo right!  Dolan made the rounds of the talk shows on Easter and was putting out the message that the church that has campaigned against the civil rights of gay people doesn't 'hate' gay people.  He says that sinful gay people are 'entitled in friendship'.  Sure!  I know I'd welcome that kind of condescending 'friendship' from a pedo-shielding scumbag like him.  It's just the thing to bring people back to the church.  

Here's a story on his remarks with the maximum level of pro-Catholic slobbering allowed by the internets.  [Link]  This is put out by a Catholic lay-publicity-organization.  I find it highly interesting that not only do they beg for money on every page (most political organizations do) but only allow donors to comment on stories.  How very progressive of them!  

I also discovered that The Catholic League, the troop of old farts led by Bill "That's homosexuality buddy!" Donohue, who is best known for frothing at the mouth on television while explaining that raping twelve-year-olds isn't p(a)edophilia, has a page cataloguing Bill Maher's statements about the church going back to 1998.  It's pretty awesome, so you may want to check it out.  It's a great resource for comebacks in Maher's low-key style.  In fact I sent them a thank you message.  

" Thank you so much for compiling the list of Bill Maher's public statements criticizing Catholicism and the eucharist.  It saves me the trouble of tracking down good material from unreliable sources like Wikipedia.  His recent quip about the church running a child sex ring since 'forever'* is one of those quotes that are bound to gain fame and hang around forever, like 'skim milk marriage.'  I know I can count on the obsessive old farts at the Catholic League to catalogue every criticism of the gay old church and for Bill "that's homosexuality buddy!" Donohue to froth at the mouth and make Catholics look like blathering idiots on television.  You people never fail!  

Thanks again!  

* Of course not literally forever, only since the first century.

SInce they were so nice to put this thing together and to have a public email address (cl@catholicleague.org) I'd suggest others send them respectful messages.  
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5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Not all pedophiles are bad people, but theChurch have sadly long abused their authority, not only to shield or protect, but to sanctify those who abuse their power of authority to do what they do, and not just regarding children, either.

Although I was baptised Catholic (with much struggle, because my mum was, and still is, single), I've disavowed myself from any organised faith, and chose the path of Deism.

This is why any religious significance to Easter simply, er, "passes over" me (pun intended), and it's just a week to celebrate the first full moon of Spring, and lotsa plush bunnies... :)

5 years, 10 months ago
Authoritarian religion never held any attraction to me at all.  Not that there weren't any choices around.  In addition to the usual there were Moonies, LDS, Watchtower, Hare Krishnas (I live up the road from SYDA and not far from Watchtower Farms now), and lots of others.  The thing I remember about the local Catholic priest was that he lived with an older 'housekeeper' in an obvious relationship and grieved for years after she passed away.  It was something beautiful that his church would condemn.  

For the holiday I went to an Ostara circle and did other things privately.  It's a great holiday that was adopted by a really overbearing church.  The bunnies are nice too.  =^ω^=
5 years, 10 months ago
"Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool." Mark Twain

Is it possible that a higher power exists? Sure. Is it likely to have anything to do with the oh so obviously man made institutions that exist to control people? I doubt it. Of course, I doubt the existence of a higher power. I can't disprove it, but I can't disprove invisible pink unicorns either. Neither one seems to merit much time worrying about though.
5 years, 10 months ago
Of course, I don't condemn the Catholic Church for "creating" pedophiles by not allowing the priests to marry, for pedophiles go anywhere there is children present, such as a teacher, baseball coach, Boy Scout Leader, etc.  What I do condemn the church for is really two things, the Catholic Church just sweeping the entire thing under a rug, and dumping these lowlifes on other parishes where they can ruin the lives of countless other boys and girls under the age of consent.  Once these priests were found out, they should have at the very least defrocked them and got rid of them.  Well, the church is certainly paying for those sins now in the name of lawsuits.  But the Catholic Church continues to condemn gay and bisexuals, such as meself.  They preach that pedophilia and gays are one of the same and this is SO FAR from the truth!  Some priests went as far as saying gays are evil *hmmmmmmm, now let's think back to WWII...doesn't this strike a familiar theme?*  The Catholic Church is even promoting this "Gay Therapy" which sends gays to psychiatrists to remove their "gayness."  The gays I know and are best friends with would NEVER harm a child.  The difference between being gay and having homosexual activity with a pedophile is that the gay person has a choice, and is done with love and respect for both parties or even dare I say experiementation.  But a pedophile doesn't love, they only know how to manipulate, just like those priests did to those boys, manipulated them into having sex because it was "In the Name of God!"  And if anyone thinks that RATzinger...perfect name for him...retired because he was in poor health, then they are a total idiot.  EVERY case of sex abuse CAME BEFORE HIM and he just neatly swept it under the Vatican rug!!  I so could NEVER be a Roman Catholic because of the hate they teach!  I am proud to be a bisexual and I am as religious as anyone.  Tis the reason I belong to the Episcopal Church, where gays, bisexuals, divorcees, and EVERYONE is welcome.  Gee, I thought that was the message that Christ was teaching!! Silly me!!  And at least in me church, abortions are legal too.  The Catholics ARE so against abortion, killing a fetus, even if the mother will die, but once the baby is born...WHO CARES anything about it!!  HYPOCRITS!! Hypocatholics? ROFL  All I can say is THANK GOD that Bishop from Philadelphia was found guilty!!  Bishop Lynn who was responsible for transferring these sick Father Lowlifes!!!
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