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Free art raffle!

Yup, it's time for an art raffle! Here's how it's going down:

The more people enter, the more prizes! The more unique entries (alternate accounts, multiple entries, etc. do not count as unique entries. Only entirely different people count as unique entries) the more prizes (up to 4 people can win) and the better quality of prizes.

You can get up to 4 entries! There are 5 methods you can use to get entries, 4 of them are free. Even if you do all 5, you can only get 4 total. This keeps it fair for people who can't donate.

No forced prizes! If you win something, you can redeem the value toward other commissions (either multiple cheaper ones, or as a discount to a more expensive one).

 Prizes are based on total number of unique entrants.

 1 entrants - Rough colored sketch ($7 value)
 5 entrants - Detailed sketch with basic color or shade ($12 value)
 10 entrants - Line-art ($17 value)
 30 entrants - Cel-shaded colored line-art ($28 value)
 50 entrants - Full color illustration complete with background ($40+ value)

 Each of these gets added to the regular prizes, so there are up to 4 possible winners!

 25 entrants - One runner up gets a a rough sketch with simple color ($6 value)
 50 entrants - One runner up gets a lineart ($17 value)
 100 entrants - One runner up gets a cel-shaded lineart or detailed sketch ($28 value)

 You can do any of these five things to enter. You must at least do #1 to enter. The others (#2-5) are for extra entries. You may only have up to 4 entries, even if you do all five.

 1. Comment on this journal.
 2. Promote this art raffle in your own journal. Put a link to that journal in your comment so I can see.
 3. Let me know that you are willing to put the prize in your gallery or make a journal about it when it's finished.
 4. If someone mentions that they came from your promotional journal or from your recommendation, you get an extra entry. So make sure when you are promoting the raffle, you tell people to mention you in their comment!
 5. Donate $5 or more to me to help me eat and live. I need commissions and donations to get by and keep myself alive, so it would be really helpful!


 * In order to enter, you must at least comment.
 * You must be watching my account.
 * You must comment the name of your favorite Pokemon to prove you read the rules.
 * You may only win one prize, even if there are multiple prizes and you get your number called more than once.
 * You may redeem your prize as-is, or as credit toward other commissions.
 * Once you order your commissions for your prize, you may not keep any 'extra' credit for later, even if you decided to get something cheaper. Please order all at once. The credit will expire one week after the end of the raffle (April 11).
 * You have one week from the end of the raffle to order your prize (April 11). If you don't order within that time, you forfeit your prize to another winner of my choice.
* Multiple accounts do not count, so please only enter with one account, and only on one site.
* If you promoted my previous journal, please promote this one again for an entry.

 So get to commenting and promoting! I will hand out numbers as they are earned through entries.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Alright, gonna try my best on this one. Hope somethin' good comes out of it! :3

Also, favorite pokemon, Lilligant!
And yeah, if I win, totally posting it to my own gallery!

6 years ago
Thanks a lot for the entry! I like Lilligant a lot, too. Very pretty looking, and very fun to battle with too ^^ I'll be making a journal with a list of entrants soon !
6 years ago
6 years ago
Cool, thanks :D!
6 years ago
I is watchin' you ^^
Fav Pokemon is Mudkip =D
Pimped: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=76711

I'll put it in my gallery if I win ^^

Also, I got here from @Scheknul 's journal so +1 for hims ^^
6 years ago
Thanks a lot of the entry :D Mudkip is super cute, I have a plushie mudkip and a keychain too ^_^

You've gotten 3 entries so far :D I will make a journal with all the entrants soon :3
6 years ago
Np ^^ and i loves Mudkip x3 He's mah go-to guy in Fire Red xD
6 years ago
Journal: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=76814
I definitely intend to put my prize on my gallery if I win one.

And I stumbled here from MaverickSkye's journal, where I didn't see any of my favorite pokemon: glaceon.
6 years ago
Got three of your entries locked in :3 Thanks for entering :D
6 years ago
yeah I'll post the art once done for me!
Been watching
pokemon.. haven't watch that in soo long how you spell it eevree? *shrugs*
and pimped : https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=76927
6 years ago
You don't really have to say an actual Pokemon, as long as I can tell you read the rules :3 And you were close enough, it's Eevee :D Thanks for entering!
6 years ago
tanks for havin me =^.^=
6 years ago
I'm in
You know I'll post the art, just like I have done before ;)
journal entry: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=77007
And as for favorite Pokemon, I don't really know that I have one :p
6 years ago
Awesome :3 Thanks for the entry. I'll be making another updated entrant list soon.
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