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TMI Tuesday - Ellena Rikkers

Well, its that day of the week, so let's introduce Elena Rikkers.
Elena is Nini's cousin who lives in NH. She is a bright and enthusiastic freshman at Chimera High School.
Most notably she has recently gotten into a polygamous relationship with Mori and Harper, a cute little wolf mix and a uniquely colored fox herm respectively. A bold move for a girl who had a prestigious against hermaphrodites a few weeks earlier.

Go ahead and asks her anything, and be sure to read Harper's story, Streched limo and the Cat & the Bat for more Elena aperences. Also be sure to ask about her sister, as I'm sure she will have an appearance of her own soon!

Elena will respond in Yellow.
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
Elena, how has it been transitioning from Manticore to Chimera? Besides your cousin, who is your best friend? How is your relationship with your Mom? Dad? Megan? Did you ever imagine that you'd be dating 2 people at once, and that they would be okay with it?
6 years, 1 month ago
It wasn't too bad. I miss the old school a lot, and I was really nervous going into high school as a freshman! all the upper class-men made it seem really scary, but  they were just being jerks; Chimera isn't that bad! plus I've got my friends with me so it wasn't too hard to make the transition. I'm even got to be freshman student council, they say it's all about popularity but really you just have to go and get it if you want it!
Lets see,  best friend is Midori. Hi Midori!

Midori: ???
Me and Mom get along just fine! Mom is one of those "I'll support you no matter what you do" types, so she's really proud of me for applying myself and encourages me any way she can. Love you Mom! Dad's a cool guy; more of a friend type of dad, the one that your not embarrased when he barges into the room on all your friends. Megan... I really like Megan. I've never met someone so nice, and yet so hurt. I really want to make it up to her somehow... Ross says I should just apologize, but really do want to do something special for her, you know?
Ha ha ha, definantely not. I'm still amazed myself, but Mori is such a cute puppy, and Harper is sexy in her own way. Life doesn't have to be hard, it's people who make it hard on themselves. we all agree to love each other, and I hope that doesn't end. <3
6 years, 1 month ago
Elena, since you've found yourself in a relationship with two people at once, what you you consider to be an deal three way date?
Are you thinking of going 'all the way' with either Mori or Harper? or Both?
What is your reaction to the events that transpired when you went to apologize to Megan for the way your reacted towards her?
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