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Emergency, please read!

Hey, it's me again. :I

You know, I can say I don't have an easy life, and now is where the rant begins.
I don't wanna cry all over this place telling you how bad is my family, so I will just skip that part.
I need to move out again. To another country.

I won't open comissions as I always do, I'll do something a bit... experimental, if you wanna call it like that. I will just simply...

Open a tip jar.

What is that?
You just donate to me. It can go from simply $1 to... I dunno, the quantity you want. I need to get $100 in a week. If I get the money, I'll do a request livestream where EVERYBODY can ask for AS MANY SKETCHES AS THEY WANT. IT'LL BE A WHOLE DAY OF NON-STOPING SKETCHING FOR EVERYBODY. And it will be wonderful :)

If you share this, I'll be thankful forever, FOREVER, and you'll have a privilege in the livestream.

Thank you in advance,
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Question: What do the donors get when the $100 limit isn't hit? I like the idea, I like to help people, but I don't like to toy with money.
6 years ago
<sub>Well, I could do special prices for the one who donates the most, and the one who reachs $50 and $100, with full colored pictures for they.

By the way, I've started (again) your commish <3 college keeps me busy now :C
6 years ago
That could be indeed an idea. Do you got a donation of someone already or are you still at $0?

Anyway, good to hear that you're working on it~ And don't lose your USB stick again! |=(;3
6 years ago
I got almost $30 dollars so far. I'd need more people to share this if I want to reach my goal :I

And I won't! Promise x3
6 years ago
You should make a similar Journal on your FA~! D:)=|
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