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The Looney Tunes Show

...is looking better and better. They recently put up some videos on the CN website for them. Clips from the show. Fucking hilarious shit XD This might actually work, if its all this good. I'm starting to like it XD


Click a character and watch the videos in each bio. Only half have videos atm though.

Also, on that note, r34 of Bugs' Kyptonian Mother shall soon be had, as well is Instant Martian chick.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
I predict like other Cartoon Network shows, it'll fail to find an audience, like Pokemon.
8 years ago
Actually, The Loony Toons was on Cartoon Network a LOOOOONG time ago, this is its Revival basically, and the people who used to watch it back in the day, will watch it once again, Don't you know about the old-style cartoons?
8 years ago
Porky: "Are we done here?"
Judge: "...are you not wearing pants?"
Porky: >,>  <.< *runs off*
8 years ago
Bugs still canon to go in drag.
"Your a bad boy."
8 years ago
LOL what is up with Granny?
8 years ago
So bizarre, to see my Childhood coming at me again from the future.
8 years ago
Ick, the art style feels like one of the crappier episodes of Tiny Toons.  Overdone, gratuitous squash and stretch, even more extreme than rubber-hose animation style.

I have seen Rule 34 on so many characters I adored in my youth, but only now do I feel like my childhood is being raped. :(
8 years ago
wht the HELL have they done to bugs and Lola? everybody else looks ok but Man Bugs and Lola are fucked up >.>
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