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[FREE ART!] I need someone for a story!

The whole situation.

Right now I have a storyboard class and in there they've been teaching me how to make all the components to deliver a decent one. For such I've needed to make a character rotation, an expression card, a size chart between the main characters of the story and they've also been teaching me how to write a simple screenplay for our storyboard, etc... etc... a lot of stuff! and now the final exam for this class is now about to come where I will need to make a short storyboard with all these components.

I'm offering free art because I need one secondary character for this story, most of my work will be black and white with the exception of the size chart which will be in colors. I want to lighten up all the work I need to do because thinking about the personality traits of this new "character", how they look, etc would take me a lot of time (heck yes) and to be honest it'd easier to fit a character that's already made by someone into this story than begin from zero. If I were to make an animation of this storyboard it wouldn't last more than 3-5 minutes, so it'll be short (I hope)

Now a bit of the story
And the setting of course

It'll be a world of anthropomorphic animals, all "digitigrade".
If I were to make a time relation with our actual world it'd be around 1920 with some changes here n' there.
Magic-wise it's pretty similar to our own, so no floating/psychic/super-special/etc powers.
The citizens of this world are a lot like our own with some special flavors depending on their races.
The story happens after 50-100 years (I'm still trying to think this carefully) of a world war. Things have been calming down since, even when there are still countries with disputes.
There's a lot of resentment around and it'll be directed at the main character and those who relate to him.
The main character is the grandson of an ex-soldier who ran out of the battlefield because he didn't like what his country was doing.
The story will be around the problems this character has to through to endure the hate of those who live in this country.

That's the story in general, there are more of course too but I want to keep the details to myself in case one day I decide to upload it to FA.

What do I need from this character

It can't be feline, avian or a rare animal.
He'll be living in a middle-continent country, so probably characters that need a lot of water won't be best ones.
It can't have "weird accessories" such as mechanical arms.
Colors have to be somewhat normal, that means no rainbow hair, glow-in-the-dark eyes and stuff like that. White hair on a brown fur can be acceptable tho.
Tattoos, piercings are OK as long as they aren't extremely big or complicated.
No muscle heads, extremely overweight or extremely thin.
An already done visual reference.

The character has to be as "normal" as possible (look-wise) and good natured, willing to help. He'll be pretty much the sidekick of the main one.

If you're willing to participate and think your character can fit or if you're willing to tone him down, please write down the little form I'll have down here.


Name (with last name):
Things he/she is willing to do:
What's he/she is not going to:
Reference Picture:

If I choose your character I'll need to get in contact with you, I use both MSN and AIM quite constantly. Also, if you have any idea on how I could improve my story or such please say it too! Keep in mind as well that I'm not like the best artist ever (you can see my stuff in FA) but I'll try to make your fursona/character look as nice as possible!

In few words I'm asking for character ideas, concepts and that who's posting in here agree that I'll probably need to change some things from your character to make him fit into the story.

Keep in mind that I'll be using your character for this story so write down everything carefully! Don't forget too that replying to this post won't guarantee you that I'll end using your character for the story!

Thanks for reading and bye! (and sorry if it was hard to understand at some point!)

PD: To those that I still owe trades or gifts; I'll be doing them soon. And yes, I remember about them everyday!.
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