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Worst year of my LIFE

First off, thank you all who watch me, and do not want to hear me crying about my own misfortune, for allowing me to vent, writing here does help, and for those who have followed the drama and have been so supportive I do not want to leave you hanging....Another straw has been added to this camel's back, and it's feeling very heavy... skip to the end if you want the short version but allow me to summarize for the rest

In September of 2010 my best friend, partner and mentor  A Man I spent 12 hrs a day with for 12 years as my partner and soul mate on our Ambulance, died of a heart attack at age 27.  

In October, my last Hunting buddy, my Grandfather, went in to have knee surgery.  In November, my Aunt who was supposed to care for him an my blind grandmother, stalked out of the house screaming she would never return, and they could just die, Spurring MY mother to go down and care for them.

In Jan My grandfather's lung collapsed, on the same day my GrandMOTHER came down with Pancreititus.

Grandma recovered..Grandpa struggled till 18 march 2011 and finally passed....

I arrived for the Funeral 0n the 23rd for the funeral the 24th.

At 0200 hrs on the 24th My Aunt (who made up and said how sorry she was) Was rushed to the hospital with a Kidney Stone....she was to begin caring for my grand MOTHER (unable to be alone) in April...(mom comes home 6 April and is an emotional and physical wreck)

Aunt missed the Funeral in the hospital....

My Friend at home I grew up with (known  him 32 years) his mother died.....and was buried same day as my Grandfather, she helped raise me

That night my grandmorther became short of breath (Didn't take her water pill) called for 2 nitro pills and had pain in her left arm (we all panicked) she was ok

Uncle 1 of 2 departed the morning of the 25th (at 0400 hrs) spurring crying

Morning of the 25th, Phone call from home, my Friend and doctor who has been treating my Jaw problem (TMJ) Dies suddenly, funeral Sunday...the day I get home

grandfather (cremated) was ready to bring home,  Uncle #2 and mom took Urn got Grandpa brought him home (more crying)

Morning of 26th (0500) uncle #2 departs (more crying)

0800 on the 26th Call from hospital....Aunt's liver enzymes are off the chart..don't know why but definitely NOT the kidney stone (more crying)

My sister and I depart 0830 Tomorrow,  leaving everything uncertain, if Aunt is not ok by the 6th..can gram be left alone? Mom an emotional and physical wreck..And I can't stay i can't help I can't fix it.

I am becoming afraid to sleep because every day brings another crisis....

It will get better, I don't know when, but I guess I bought a ticket on this crazy train and I can't get off till it's done :(
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Yea, Thanks, it was not fun....
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