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Tomb Raider Review

Let's make this simple.
1. The jump in this game must have been adopted from I want to be the guy coz most of the time it just doesn't want to work right. You'll be jumping in wrong directions some of the time and there are two jumps in the last part of the game that are just refusing to work from the start.
2. The smasher puzzle in the last part of the game. Well if I'm supposed to pull it and then jump on top of it STAY ON TOP OF IT!
Lara just refuses to stand on top of that thing. I ended up holding forward and just hoping I don't fall down. AGAIN.
3. Tombs. For a game called Tomb Raider holy damn are the tombs bad. Those are basically one puzzle rooms that are so easy they feel like an insult to your intelligence.
4. The story and the characters. Gawd is the story bad. And filled with such an array of stupid characters. I was facepalming myself so many times. I mean the main villain of the game could have killed Lara EASILY AT THE START OF THE GAME!
5. The dual wield pistols. The game gives you those in the last part of the game for 5 seconds during a quick time event. REALLY?! REALLLY!!!??
6. HOOOLLLY damn are there a lot of glitches in this game. From game breaking to hillarious. I mean I had a guy at the end where a bunch of guys should fall to their doom survive and run around in the air throwing stuff at me. Shooting birds on the grounds with the bow more than often made them do weird flips and punched them right through the ground. Hell here is one you can do yourself. When you are in the gas cavern part and need to turn the valves for gas shoot a fire arrow at the bottom of it then start opening it. It will explode during the scene and the game will freeze your camera movement. You're welcome. As for game breaking the part where you need to shoot the dude with the grenade launcher just refuses the work. I died so many times until the game decided I did right for some reason once. It's freaking stupid.
So in conclusion. Is it a good game? Not really. Is it a bad game? Not really.
I honestly can't rate this game at all. I'm not disappointed by it but I'm neither glad I played it. It's just kinda meh.
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Added: 5 years, 11 months ago
5 years, 11 months ago
wow you don't dual wield pistols from the beginning?
I hate quick time events, don't TELL me what to press... leave that to music rhythm games!
well I didn't have high hopes for this game anyways, but they managed to make the series worse... wow.

5 years, 11 months ago
you don't dual wield at all XD
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