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First: my favorate philosophy site (www.freedomainradio.com)
It's like having a personal trainer in one's quest for self-knowledge.
Secondly: Challenge! Determine your character's statistics using the fallout: New Vegas engine.
Primary stats (these are basic talent; the average is five, and you get 40 points, which means you get enough for five each plus another five):
Strength: Determines carry weight, bonus close up damage, effectiveness using heavy objects, and melee skill (+2 per point).
Perception: Determines vision, energy weapons skill (+2 per), lockpick skill (+2 per), and explosives skill (+2 per).
Endurance: Determines overall health, toughness, resistances, Unarmed skill (+2 per), and Survival skill (+2 per).
Charisma: Determines social grace and pleasantness, and the Speech and Barter skill (+2 each per).
Agility: Determines physical grace, as well as the Guns and Sneak skill (+2 each per).
Intellegence: Determines intellect (obviously), bonus skill points upon level up, as well as the Medicine, Science, and Repair skills (+2 each per).
Luck: Determines how much random chance tends to favor you; things just tend to go your way when you're lucky. Also, you get +0.5 skill points to all skills per point.

Secondary skills (actual learned skills, rather than raw talent). Skills starting values are determined by the equation (2 + (relevent stat * 2) + (Luck/2) = skill value).
Additionally, three skills should be chosen as "tag skills" to boost them by 15 points, to represent skills you've gotten good at during your life.

Barter: Salesperson ability, good for negotiating business deals and easily making money.
Energy Weapons: Obviously, skill with high-tech equiptment like lasers and plasma weapons.
Explosives: Your nack with things that go boom. Also covers safety protocols.
Guns: Duh, skill with firearms.
Lockpick: Knowledge of how to make and break locks.
Medicine: Covers your overall medical expertise.
Melee: Skill with melee weapons such as swords, axes, clubs, pipes, etc.
Repair: Ability to fix things.
Science: Overall scientific knowledge. Can synergize with repair.
Sneak: Ability to remain undetected.
Speech: Ability to persuade others, and can get people to see things your way.
Survival: Ability to survival in the wild. Also covers cooking.
Unarmed: Proficiency with natural forms of attack, and weapons that compliment them (brass knuckles, iron claws, etc).

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