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Many A-Thing

Hey, all. I decided to write a random journal to update you on my life.

First thing is first: to those I owe arts to, do not worry. Those shall be done soon. I just need to make it to the weekend safely with all my school work done. Cause this week is finals. I know I said it would be last week, but due to snow days and break, we decided it not fair, so it is this week. So... I shall be posting less art for this week.

Second... I'm a horrible person ><! I know I said I would post little religious content, but... For lent, I said I would track my sins. I've sinned over 350 times since the start of Lent... At this rate, I know what'll happen to me later in life... *Dies and burns forever in eternal fire.* yeah... So... Anyways... Half of them are because it is so hard to "honor my father", cause he is my stepfather, and, well... You all know of him, right?...

Another subject now. All the things statistics has taught me:
> My music tastes correlates better with that of an Asian girl's than that of a Latino guy's.
> I do not torture my female characters more often than my male characters; no more, at least, than random chance will allow for.
> Insurance uses formulas and such to determine how much your life is worth based on life factors, occupation, etc.; using that to know how much to bill you.
> Fox News fails miserably at making charts and graphs that accurately represent data that is somewhat falsified to begin with.
> The number 1 appears as the first digit of a number about 30% of the time, according to Benford's law.
> An overwhelming amount of couples in Europe tend to have the women be shorter, suggesting that men do not like to marry a woman who is as tall or taller than them.
> Babies with healthier birth weights go on to have higher salaries.
And... That's all for now.

On to a subject that annoys me more... My childhood >< More and more since starting Psychology I'm remembering stuff from my past. Some good, some bad. And last week, I think I stumbled across something I dislike. I remember, as a child, but in the later part of elementary school, my mom talking to a doctor of getting me off a medicine called Risperadol. Which, when going over schizophrenia, I found out is an antipsychotic. And when going over the symptoms of the disease, hallucinations and heightened sensory awareness come up. Problems I think that existed somewhat in my past. Mostly with being too sensitive to sound and sometimes imagining angels and demons. Though I doubt I have or have ever had the disease, I wonder what I did have. And, what is causing me difficulty remembering stuff before middle school, especially around the ages of 6 through 9... Oh, well. I'll do a full and thorough self psychoanalysis on myself when I get the chance.

And, now more unpleasant news... I think I like MLP: FiM!!! I promised my friends that I would not become a brony, and I am trying not to. But, I cannot help liking the show and characters somewhat. ><! So... I'll be one of those people who like the show, have a pony sona, but not be a brony. JUST TO BE CLEAR!!!

And another thing... I'm getting to be sick.., and, I just hate it. I mean, there haven't been more than 5 days since the start of the year of perfect health for me. I blame the constant stress being placed on me. What with scholarships I have to fill out to afford college, choosing where I want to spend the rest of my career as a student, finishing stuff for finals, the constant fighting and chaos if my house, my new emerging church obligations of community service, my mother being in not so good health, and nameless others, I'm surprised I am still within the margins of sanity. I'm not saying I haven't cracked and almost given up recently. I am just saying that currently mentally "normal". Spiritual and physical health have to be debated, however.

Well... For those who have read this far are in for an interesting event. Well, as some of you remember, I'm secretly (but not so much so anymore) bisexual. Well, me and my mom were talking of colleges. So far the ones that have accepted me are: UMass Dartmouth, UMass Boston, and UMass Amherst a Franciscan university in Ohio, and Emmanuel college. First three are state colleges. Second two are Catholic universities. Though I am not in to them as first choices, she urges me to reconsider, feeling I'll be safe there. Then, I decided to say: "how safe will a bisexual furry be among thousands of Catholics?". Now, if you're at this part of the journal, I want you to answer the question. Her response to this was: "Maybe you'll stop being bi by then."

So... That is all for now. If you want to ask me more questions about how I'm doing, what's new and all that, feel free to do that. But for now, I'm out.

P.S.: if I'm online, I'm also studying and doing homework at the same time. *Is a multi tasker, since I mastered using several mental states at once*
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
" "How safe will a bisexual furry be among thousands of Catholics?"

Good question, but I can't give a definitive answer.  Depends on how tolerant they are and how flexible they are in their faith.

As for your choice of university, go for the one that you like best.  Ignore the opinions of everyone else and go with facts.  It's why I didn't go into trade school right after high school... I was afraid of being stuck with a student debt I couldn't pay off.
6 years, 4 months ago
I see... Alright.
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