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therapy and a question to all my friends

What made you into what you are today? Life sucks hard right now and doesnt show much signs of gettinf better. so as a little therapy lets review. what made you into what you are on inkbunny?

1. cub. This one is easy. being a cub is carefree. you are sischarged from the everyday suckfest that is life and you can go back to simpler times of innocence. and even if your into cubsex theres no denying they are still innocent and dont do it for the sin but for the fun and thebfeeling completely devoidbof any moral or ethical standards that adults (should) have.

2. spanking. I am a spank not because my father spanked me often. but because my mother did not. she chose to abuse me psycologically and verbally which in some cases is just as bad or worse than real phyciall abuse. If she beat me that would heal but the emotional scars are everlasting. now that she is on meds our relationship is so much better but the love and cuddling following a firm spanking from my dad vs the years of emotional torment my mother gave me would make even the most liberal anti spank psycologists head spin.

3. animal. simple for me. cartoons gave me an escape from the years of bullying at school. rescuerangers tammy made my privates feel funny and good and didnt know why.

4. sexual cub. I was molested repeatedly by my older cousin who made it into a game. he knew what he was doing to me. forcing me to watch gay porn and doing everything you can think of besides penetration. which it was in its way to before his brother found him out. my time of self exploration and sexual awakening was tainted early by him. now i see two cubs playing certian ways in the pure essence of innocence and yearn and wish thats how i found out. not intercourse of course as i waited till marrige for my first. but other fun things including spanking without the being used and abused under the guise of a "game"

so thats pretty much me. enjoy ponder respond or whatever. God has freed me from the power that my past had over me. But that doesnt mean I still dont LOVE seeing cubs get spanked and getting touchy feely!
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Wow!A  very  revealing  journal!
The  secon  part  is  so  sad...be verbally abused is terrible and the last part also, being  molested by a family member too!
Thanx for putting something so revealing, you're really  very brave!
5 years, 10 months ago
thank you for your kind words. And thats the glorious thing about inkbunny, out there life sucks in here im a spanking loving cute round bottomed pandaren girl with a love of naughty playtime and all things frilly and panties!
5 years, 10 months ago
Whaaa,haaa!Absolutely!I  love  a  lot  spankings!A  lot!
5 years, 10 months ago
I'm not sure why you linked this to me. I'm sorry things happened to you, but all you can do is try to make a life despite such problems.
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