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teenagy quizz...

... that graymuzzle talked me into doing

1. We all know what we call you, what about the folks at home? What's your name?
Most of my true and old friends call me DARST, though I've started using my given name a lot more lately. It's Anna

 2. How tall are you?

170 cm

 3. Natural hair color?

 Dark brown ad somewhat chokolatish

 4. What about eye color?

 Dark brown

 5. What orientation are you?


 6. Are you single, taken, or undecided?

 Taken, totally.

 7. What do you do in your spare time?

I rarely have it. Write poems, draw stuff, sing, craft something... too rarely to remember

 8. What's your job?

 Market analysis.

 9. What's one thing you like about yourself?

 I'm smart.

 10. Alright, now what about something you dislike about yourself?

I'm lazy.

11. What's some things your friends noticed about you when they first met you?

I've been told that my eyes are striking
12. Of what faith/religion are you(if any at all?)

Lawful neutral atheist.

 13. Do you drink?

 Occasionally. It doesn't effect me as it used to

 14. Do you smoke?

 Not since 2003. Don't feel the urge either.

 15. What are your fears?

 I'm afraid to dissapoint my family

 16. What are your dreams/goals?

 Relocate to Australia

 17. Ever had any crushes/ex's in the past/present?


 18. Who's your best bud?
 I'm not the kind of person who has one single best bud. Almier, I guess

 19. Alright, you got the cravin' for munchies, what'cha reachin' for?

 An orange is best. Cookies if there are no oranges available.

 20. Favorite drink?

 Coca- Cola light. With lemon

 21. Favorite color?

I love all pure colors. Red I guess
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5 years, 11 months ago
Nice to get to know something about you.
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