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Come back soon/update.

Good news everybody, my boss is just loving my stuff and I should not take much longer for me to finish the book.

  And there are some more news, good for me and bad for you: I was called by one the Beatles representatives of my country (wich happens to be one old friend...) to illustrate her youtube channel, so it will take some more of my time but will be great for my career, since she have a pretty big fandom.

When I come back I will resume my pending works, gifts, streams and I will be avaiable for collabs and upcoming contests.

I am thinking on taking some kind of art class or whatevs...   I am just not satisfied with my current progress, it is going well but I think I could do better...  I will try one of the most traditional and one of the best art schools we have here, but I will need to save some money, because it is expensive and my priority now is buying a new pc chair because mine broke on my last stream.

I am decided to get fat, or at least achieving my ideal wheight, I am undewheight, currently I wheight 59kg and need to get at least 15kg more to be on the normal average for my age. So... advices are welcome! ^^

Things with my crush are not making any progress, I think I will adopt a less passive strategy...

I am passing by a very sensitive part of my life, I am walking on a tight rope made of metal wire, I am reavaluating myself and my decisions, and I must say that making all this furry porn while trying to date someone is making me a little  confuse and filling me with doubt, like, she already know, but when she sees...  what will she think? (but the signs are good, some of my friends ho are girls saw some of my yiff works from here and they said that is the kind of "yaoi" they like so...  the chances of her liking are good ^^)

well, I guess it's just this for now...  See ya!
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
hope to see you again soon, I may have some ideas of collabs that we can work on.
If you cant get fat by normal ways give up, my wheight is 50kg and Im 1,80 meters tall and I eat like a whale and thats not make meany fat X3
about you crush, you sould take care to not approach to much to the friend zone, is nice that her and your friends know  about your art,
I dont know much about girls but I know that most of them do not like this kinda of art and  a good first impression of your work gonna give you some points.
6 years, 1 month ago
when all this busy-madness ends I would really like to hear about it ^^

I will try some tips i read about for gettingv fat, like getting more carbs in my diet, snack during all day, ands and having bigger meals.
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