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update and odd thoughts

hello all

I want to say I got my care back yesterday and it in good order everything running as it should,   course as I noted previously I'm now flat broke,  turns out the paycheck I was getting on saterday was a little smaller then I had expected.  so I still have rent and insurance do.   Again I hate to ask but if any fur may be of help I would appreciate donations.

as an incentive for donations,   I'm offering a story idea, Bob's throwing a cub/adult party and everyone who donates gets a part.  The more you donate the bigger the part.  Story will feature all the standard sexual debauchery (females allowed too) with nc, alcohol, catnip, and other possible drug use.   The more donations the bigger the story.  I'm good at big stories,  my current unfinished works are over 20 pages each.    So far we've only got one person at the party, and that's no fun.  

If you're interested please click the donate button on my profile

sorry to be a bother

Now onto the odd thoughts portion of todays show.   I've been thinking of the world of Wreck-it-Ralph.   In that world all the video game chars travel from there games and hang out through the machines power cables.   Its also explained that when a machine is unplugged thats essentially the end of that world with the game chars fleeing into game central station.   Dispite the arcade being open for 30 years though and numerous games unplugged the station isn't over crowded with homeless.  the only ones we see are Qbert and crew.   My thought is this since they travel through the power lines, would Litwicky's arcade be seen as it's own nation.  and most of the gameless chars have embarked on journeys to explore the great grids beyond coming across other arcardes, home computers or personal consoles and maybe through them into the internet?  that could be a fun place to write a story, or maybe a game.  since I imagiane the longer you spend outside you home game, the less your constrained by your original programming.  though its dangerous because you don't regenerate out side your home game.
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