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Nano Saltwater Tank Setup

So one thing I've wanted to do for a while now is try to set up a small saltwater tank. In part because it'll help me understand them better at work. Yeah I know smaller saltwater aquariums are harder to take care of than larger ones, but I don't have the money or room to attempt to set up a half decent sized one. Either way I've been slowly getting pieces for a nano tank for a while now. I got the last parts to it tonight and started putting it together. It's just a little 6.6 gallon "bookshelf aquarium". Because it easily fits on the one counter by the kitchen and is still kinda big enough to put some things in it. So I'm going to let it cycle here for at least a week or more before I attempt to put anything in it. Though I need to find a place around me that has half decent live rock for a half decent price since the stuff at my Petco sucks. x.x

One thing either way is I was curious as to if anyone else has a nano tank and would be able to suggest what would be good to put in it. I was still mostly looking around, mostly on Thatfishplace's website, to see what I could get. Of course most of the fish and anything else says a 20gal or higher. I know some of the little things I would be able to get though without a problem. Things like hermit crab, snails and some other crabs or shrimp. But I know I'd want at least a few or two in the tank. Either way I know I have to limit what I put into it since it'll be a small tank.
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